The year of breaking past human limits

We’ve reached a point in the digital era where customers not only seek, but expect personal communication from businesses. Don’t get left behind.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an early-stage startup with three employees or a publicly listed company with 1,000, customers have come to expect fast and highly relevant interactions with businesses. As our CEO and co-founder Eoghan McCabe put it last fall at The Next Chapter, the only way to achieve this is by embracing automation technologies thoughtfully.

Being personal isn’t simply about having a human at the other end of the line. It’s as much about doing what only a person could previously do best:

  • Treating customers as unique individuals
  • Respecting their time and dignity
  • Ultimately, getting them to their ideal outcome

Thanks to the latest advances in chatbot technology, we believe businesses can now fully embrace automation and still keep the personal experience that customers have come to expect. That means sales, marketing and support teams can finally take advantage of the radical efficiencies that chatbots offer.

Bots, and automation technology in general, will make messaging and conversational approaches to customer interactions as transformative as communication technologies like phones, email and the web.

Yes, that’s a bold statement given bots were almost hyped to death not long ago, but a lot has changed in a few years. We now have a better understanding of how and when to apply chatbots in different customer contexts to help them achieve desired outcomes. Machine learning has matured, enabling smarter interactions with bots, helping further improve the customer experience.

You have three options, pick wisely

Bots are here and that presents businesses with three options:

  1. You could wait
    There are so many fads, so many things you do have to ignore. This is not one of them. In time, those who turn their back on automation will suffer the same fate as those who tried to ignore the world wide web.
  2. You could just “check the box”
    There are tools on the market offering automation with some pretty big promises, but they take a short-term view, creating crappy experiences for anyone who wants to do anything other than talk to sales. Using bots in this transactional way will become the hallmark of a shitty brand.
  3. You could think bigger-picture, longer-term
    Use chatbots across the customer lifecycle – not only to deliver great efficiencies for your business, but to massively improve the customer experience too.

If you picked option three 🤞, we can help you with that.

We’re here to help

In this new year, we’re on a mission to show you how thoughtful applications of chatbots and automation can help you drive efficiencies across your customer lifecycle. Each month, we’ll focus on a different stage and share best practices, tips and tricks that week. Here’s what we have in store:

January – Supercharge lead volume and quality

What better way to kick off the new year than to get a head start on lead generation. If you’re still relying solely on lead forms and email to acquire leads, you’re missing a beat. In January, we’ll share resources every week on topics like:

  • Tips for using chatbots to engage higher quality and higher intent leads
  • Using bots to filter out all the noise
  • Accelerating sales cycles for your highest quality leads with bots

February – Double down on activation, engagement and expansion

February is all about showing you how chatbots can help in all areas of customer engagement. We’ll cover:

  • How to use chatbots to create and close upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • How to craft engaging messages that are automatically sent to the right people, at the right time, in the right place

March – Support that delights and retains

Good support means respecting your customers and their time; helping them when they need it, where they need it, and on their terms. In March we’ll cover:

  • How to provide personal, 24/7 support coverage with chatbots
  • Automatically answering repetitive questions so your team doesn’t have to
  • Centralizing conversations from multiple sources and channels in one inbox

April – Addressing the full lifecycle

We’ve discussed chatbots at different stages of the customer lifecycle. Here’s what happens when you bring it all onto one platform. Resources will cover:

  • Establishing relationships that are unified across the entire customer journey
  • End-to-end customer engagement; from discovery to onboarding and ongoing success
  • Providing the same levels of service no matter which stage

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