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Email marketing doesn’t need to be a campaign

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Intercom

Daniel Harris


Email has become an incredibly valuable, yet increasingly complex channel – but does sending an email really have to be a campaign? We think not.

The history of the email campaign

The first email was sent in 1971, and just seven years later, the first email marketing campaign generated a total of $13 million in sales, proving a point that email could be a new channel for marketing and sales. When the Internet was introduced to the public and personal email addresses became widespread, email marketing truly became a legitimate channel.

Where are we now?

Acquisition via email has quadrupled over the past four years, making email the second greatest channel for e-commerce user-acquisition (the first being organic search). This incredible growth is a result of several advancements in email marketing, including audience segmentation, triggered campaigns, a/b testing, and more. However, it’s always been hard to manage these different tasks and find solutions that make them quick and easy; this problem is clear when you compare this excerpt of an infographic from Dotmailer with this survey from Econsultancy:


 Source: Dotmailer (Gleanster)


Source: Econsultancy

Launching an email is often an arduous task that require lots of time, people, and money.

Why is it so difficult?


The result

5 days, 4 different teams, and 5 different software solutions.


Email is just one component of a proper marketing campaign, but unfortunately, for most marketers, just sending an email is a campaign in itself.

Multiple teams and disconnected systems are slowing everything down – it sucks.

There’s a better way

At Intercom, we just released our new message composer, our first step towards making it easy enough for anyone to create and send targeted, beautiful emails in minutes. No code, no engineers, just results.


Here’s how it works

First, target your audience with live data in a few clicks


Then, choose your medium – email or in-app


Next, compose your message as your users will see it


Lastly, hit send, and see your message succeed in real-time


It’s that easy.

Create your next great email in minutes

This is just the beginning of making Intercom the fastest and easiest way for anyone to send targeted, beautiful emails in minutes; all without the need to know HTML, or bother someone who does.

Try our new composer today and let us know what you think.