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Our latest book: Intercom on Customer Support – 2nd edition

Director of Content, Intercom

John Collins


Nobody who sets out to build a great business intends to provide bad customer support. But just as growth is welcomed, scaling is invariably accompanied by challenges in providing good customer support.

Great support means answering your customers’ questions quickly and accurately so they can get back to productively using your product.

But sometimes the quickest route to an answer is through customers finding the answer for themselves. That’s why we believe if you want to successfully scale your customer support you need to empower your customers to help and educate themselves.

Last month Intercom announced Educate, a brand new product which allows you deliver help content to your customers whenever and wherever they might need it. And today we’re releasing an updated version of Intercom on Customer Support, with additional advice on creating great help content and getting it in front of your customers.

A lot has happened since we published the first edition of this title back in October 2015. That book helped you decide what level of support you’ll provide, deliver that support consistently as you grow, and ensure support is viewed as a productive and profitable part of your business. But back then we were only beginning to think about how to approach the job of customer self-service and now we have a product that addresses it in a brand new way.

So in the 2nd edition of Intercom on Customer Support you’ll also learn:

  • What jobs help content performs for you and your customers (from promoting best practice to selling your product)
  • What types of content you might want to consider creating
  • How to write help articles that will get read
  • Tips for maintaining and optimizing your help content

We also took the opportunity to give the rest of the content a spring clean and broke it down into more easily digestible sections. We hope the result will be of continued use as you establish, grow and scale your support teams. Grab your copy today.