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Proactive support increases customer satisfaction

Senior Manager, Product Education, Intercom

Ruairí Galavan


Here’s a story about how we at Intercom, used Intercom to delight our customers with proactive support.

The problem

Intercom lets customers send mail from their own address. It’s a popular feature, with one drawback. To work properly, customers need to include Intercom in their SPF policy. Not sure what an SPF policy is? There’s more here. But in this case all you need to know is that if you have your SPF policy set up correctly, emails from your address have better deliverability.

Our problem was that only a small percentage of customers sending mail from a custom address did this, which meant the rest were at risk of having of poor deliverability.

Our solution

We needed to contact all of our customers with incorrect/incomplete SPF configurations and get them to make changes. Here‘s how we did that.

  1. Intercom’s Custom User Attributes showed us which customers we needed to contact.

  2. The next step was to automatically message customers explaining the situation, the potential risk, and most importantly, how they could solve it.
  3. We also used User Attributes in the body of the Auto Message so customers could see what addresses were failing. This encouraged direct action.

300% increase

Whilst the effort was minimal, the result was huge. The number of customers with correct configs quadrupled in 24 hours. Support requests around deliverability fell immediately, and a lot more emails were now being delivered successfully.

One step further

The replies were mostly from people thanking us for fixing the problem. However, a sizeable chunk of them contained the same few questions. Once we knew what users were asking, we were able to update the Auto Message (and the docs) to include answers to these questions.

To make the message more accurate, we used Events to ensure the message would only send within 24 hours of a customer failing an SPF check.

Becoming Proactive

It’s one thing to react to your customers problems quickly, it’s another to pre-empt the question before they have it and provide the answer.

This is just one of many ways of how you could use Intercom to solve your customers’ problems. Why not message users with incorrect integrations? Maybe mail your customers about their incomplete orders? Or, message your customers about any unfinished projects to encourage them to revisit them.

Experiment with this, and let us know how it works out. We feature success stories here all the time. We’d love to hear yours.