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Sales 2 min watch

We wanted to bring velocity to our sales process for emerging businesses and startups, while still creating the powerful, personal connection a demo offers, so we decided to introduce carefully crafted group demos. Here’s what we learned.

News & Updates 1 min watch

What exactly is a Custom Bot?

So maybe you’re intrigued and excited about how automation is fast becoming driver for growth in your industry but you still don’t quite understand exactly what a Custom Bot is? That’s where Intercom’s Product Education team can help! 

Growth 18 min watch

What comes after product market fit?

We spend a lot of time talking about how companies can get to the point where their product resonates in the market. At WebSummit 2018, I made the case that this is not the only thing that matters.

News & Updates 40 min watch

Automation in the form of chatbots is going to transform business–to–customer communication. Watch CEO Eoghan McCabe and product leader Matt Hodges share our vision for the future of automation and bots in The Next Chapter keynote.