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Welcoming Ben McRedmond

CEO and Co-founder, Intercom

Eoghan McCabe


Today marks Ben McRedmond‘s first day working with Intercom. We’re thrilled to have him on-board.

He’s an awesome engineer. We know this because he was an awesome engineer when he was 16 and doing work experience with Contrast!

Some cool things Ben has achieved:

1. Predicted the 2009 X Factor results within 1% of the final vote using a sentiment analysis system which processed 40 million tweets on the topic.

2. Invented a programming language for web development “with long-term dynamic synergy” when he was 15.

3. Won first place awards and prizes in Ireland’s Young Scientist Awards in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

Like I said, he’s an awesome engineer! Welcome, Ben.