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Proven sales plays to accelerate your revenue

Every company that wants to survive in today’s competitive environment is in pursuit of one thing – faster growth. In Intercom on Sales, we take you inside our journey to building a billion dollar business.

You’ll get:

  • Tested frameworks for rapidly scaling your sales team and revenue.
  • Highly effective tactics, from chatbots to video, for winning more deals.
  • 10 worksheets you can use right away, like a guide to account planning.
Available in ePub, mobi, and PDF.
This book is jam-packed with the kind of practical wisdom that can only be learned on the front lines — the kind I like to read and I hope you will, too.
Jason Lemkin, CEO, SaaStr
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What’s inside?

There is no shortage of sales advice for businesses – hire more people, refresh your pitch, move upmarket. But how do you sort the wisdom from the garbage? This book will help.

Intercom on Sales cover the six topics that we believe are crucial to successfully scaling your revenue:

  • People
  • Foundation
  • Methodology
  • Techniques
  • Collaboration
  • Growth

Data-Driven Sales Insights

of sales professionals report the tactics they used last year are less effective this year.
of sales reps say responding instantly to a lead has helped them close a deal.
of sales professionals say using chatbots has improved the buying experience.
Source: Intercom 2019

Who You'll Hear From

When positioned properly, your sales team will help you form lasting relationships with your customers – and build a big business.
Headshot of Karen Peacock Karen Peacock
Chief Operating Officer
If you want to maintain your momentum in the market, you have to remember: growth is a race with no end.
Headshot of LB Harvey LB Harvey
Senior VP of Sales & Support
Real-time sales has become one of our biggest levers to close more deals and accelerate our revenue growth.
Headshot of Stan Massueras Stan Massueras
Director of EMEA Sales
What changes about sales operations is your focus as the business grows – moving from repeatability to scalability.
Headshot of Jeff Serlin Jeffrey Serlin
Senior Director of Sales & Support Operations

Interested? Here’s a sneak peak


As a company grows, sales naturally evolves from being one team to teams of teams. But in order for more people to result in more revenue, you need a well-defined plan.

Hiring for sales in a high-growth environment

Getting the sales team right is one of the hardest parts of scaling B2B sales, especially if you want to build one that is both world class and culture additive.

Introducing the profile of the modern salesperson

Today’s competitive environment calls for salespeople who are consultative, transparent and ready to move prospects through the sales cycle in real time.

Use data to be a more effective sales coach

Every sales manager should also be a sales coach, leveraging a data-driven approach to get their team up and over line.

Evolve the structure of your sales organization to fuel continuous growth

Scaling up requires evolving the structure of your sales team. When done well, each iteration will enable you to maximize future revenue.

Why you should invest in a winning locker room

An effective sales quota philosophy straddles the line between being ambitious and being achievable, and that’s exactly what a winning locker room accomplishes.


To drive sustainable growth for the long term, you need to build a solid foundation to scale your sales team, measure its performance and optimize for continued success.

Nail your sales forecasting to create predictable revenue growth

Rigorous forecasting gives you clear line of sight into your sales pipeline. It’s the kind of visibility that enables you to catch at-risk deals and spot new growth opportunities.

Build a growth stack, not a sales stack

If you want to reach your next inflection point, you need to reinvent tech stacks as growth stacks – the suite of sales tools that unlocks new ways of selling.

Free up your sales capacity with live chat

Maximizing your sales capacity with live chat allows you to drive immediate revenue impact while also building for scale.

Create new sales efficiencies through strategic automation

By automating away low value activities, you put B2B salespeople in a position to reclaim time for their most important work: selling.

Leverage sales enablement to maximize product launches

A robust sales enablement process ensures that new features result in more customers and more revenue for the business.

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It’s time to adopt a modern sales approach – one that is on demand and caters to prospects’ needs first. Here’s what you need to know about real-time sales strategies.

Capture your invisible pipeline of sales leads

Every business has an invisible sales pipeline. The question is, how you will turn your invisible leads into real revenue?

Convert more leads with a real-time revenue funnel

When executed well, your real-time sales funnel won’t just grow your sales pipeline. It’ll also fill it with higher quality leads who are more likely to convert.

A three-step framework for practicing real-time sales

Real-time sales enables you to level up on three fundamental sales stages: acquiring, qualifying and converting leads.

How to ramp up your real-time sales channel

To effectively leverage real-time sales, you will need to onboard your sales team to new ways of working, including when to engage leads and what tools to use.

The 3 skills sales reps need to sell in real time

Selling in real time requires your sales reps to exercise new muscles, so that they can quickly develop a deep understanding of their prospects’ needs.

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There are hundreds of tactics that your sales reps can use to sell your product. But which ones will actually help them close more deals? And which ones will scale?

Use chatbots to accelerate your speed to lead

Chatbots enable you to dramatically speed up your sales process by instantly taking care of low-value tasks, such as lead qualification.

Understanding your prospects in real time

With real-time sales, your relationship with a prospect starts the instant you begin chatting. That makes it crucial to attend to contextual clues, pain points and new opportunities.

Scale customer relationships with customized video

When communicating with B2B customers, pairing automated messages with videos allows you to strike the right balance between being efficient and being human.

Drive frequent and smart usage during free trials

Targeted, collaborative communication is the key to ensuring your prospects successfully complete their free trial and convert to paying customers.

Increase sales velocity with group demos

Group demos bring speed to the buying process while maintaining the level of personal connection necessary to close the deal and influence decision makers.

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Real cross-functional collaboration is hard to achieve and even harder to maintain. Here’s how we’ve approached aligning sales with product, marketing and support at Intercom.

Align sales and product using problems to be solved

By collaborating with your product team on root issues instead of features, your sales team will increase customer happiness, and as a result, deliver more revenue.

Why sales and marketing should have a shared revenue plan

A successful sales and marketing partnership requires a mutual understanding that you’re all manufacturing the same thing: revenue for the business.

Sales and support should be friends, not foes

When sales and support partner closely, prospects and customers get more value from the product, and you learn faster as a sales organization too.

Host Sales Days to build bridges between your company and your customers

Sales Days provide an opportunity for employees to shadow the sales team, bringing everyone at the company closer to the customer.

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Establishing a path to predictable revenue is only the start. To maintain your edge in the market, you need to constantly seek out ways to accelerate that growth.

For faster growth, look beyond headline sales key performance indicators

Your organization’s ability to drive revenue growth hinges on how well you can translate everyday metrics into an actionable plan that moves the bottom line.

Grow your revenue by creating new teams within your existing sales organization

As you scale up, you will need to experiment with different ways to organize your sales organization. Done well, every new team will become a new growth lever.

Customer expansion is your next growth channel

If you want to achieve sustainable growth, you need to prioritize your customers’ long-term success, not just celebrate the first time they sign on the dotted line.

Strategically expand your addressable market to drive your next wave of growth

If you only serve your original customers and companies like them, you are stunting your future growth. So, how do you go about expanding your market?

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In case you were wondering...

Why do we call this “B2B sales”?

B2B sales, or business-to-business sales, refers to companies who sell services or products to other companies. B2B sales often involves lengthier, more complex processes with multiple decision makers and larger average transaction sizes compared to selling directly to consumers. While many of the lessons in Intercom on Sales are relevant to any sales organization, we want to acknowledge that the book is written from the vantage point of our own business model – that is, B2B sales.

What’s the difference between B2B sales and B2C sales?

B2C sales, or business-to-consumer sales, refers to companies who sell directly to individual consumers. When you shop at your local grocery store, for example, you are partaking in B2C sales. When your grocery store buys produce to stock their shelves, that is B2B sales between food manufacturers and the grocery store. Compared to B2C sales, B2B sales often has longer sales cycles, higher price points and multiple decision makers.

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