New ways to close more deals

There’s one problem every company will inevitably confront: how do I grow my revenue faster? In The Sales Handbook, the best in the business offer a roadmap of industry-tested advice and frameworks for getting to breakout growth and beyond.

What’s inside

The Sales Handbook is a collection of actionable lessons from industry leaders who have scaled sales at companies like Intercom, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Marketo, Terminus and more. You’ll learn:

  • Why you need to build and scale your sales team with intention
  • How to craft a sales strategy - and the crucial inputs for long-term success
  • Industry-tested sales techniques for turning new leads into new business
  • How to grow your revenue faster by acquiring and converting leads in real-time

Who you'll hear from

"Your goal, if you've set your sights on the right thing, isn't just to close a bunch of one-off sales in the next six months. It's to build a big business."

Karen peacock 2x

Karen Peacock

COO, Intercom

"If you qualify people correctly, it's not just about getting money, it's about getting the right money - the type of money that multiplies."

Steli efti 2x

Steli Efti


"Customers today enter the sales cycle full of knowledge, opinions and feelings about your product and your company. They've already educated themselves."

Lb harvey 2x

LB Harvey

VP of Sales, Intercom

"Sales doesn't need to be a cost center. It can be, and for at least most of the life of your company should be, a profit center."

Jason lemkin 2x

Jason Lemkin

CEO, SaaStr