Sharing lessons learned
from building a startup

Over the past 6 years we've written more than 600 articles about our own startup journey. We've edited and condensed the highlights, added in our latest thinking and now we're sharing it all in a beautifully designed hardcover book.
$10 plus shipping
Includes free PDF download
All for free
But the printed book is nicer

What’s inside

The founders and team at Intercom address 9 questions we believe every founder and early stage employee is going to need to answer.
  • Why you should build products based on first-hand experience
  • How to find your first customers
  • A founder's take on making your first hire
  • Everything you need to know about fundraising and much more…

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what our readers think:
Twitter Cat Noone
Finished book 8/35 - @intercom On Starting Up. The book every startup CEO *must* buy for each new hire. Req reading.
Twitter Toni Trivkovic
Thanks for sharing your experiences @eoghan & @destraynor. #startups @intercom
Twitter Thomas Leiterman
Just finished “@intercom on Starting Up” - these fine folks have outdone themselves. Go read.
Twitter Ivan Beckley
Just donated to @BlackGirlsCode & obtained@intercom book on starting up,
a collection of short, inspiring essays on how to build a startup!
Twitter Min
Thank you @intercom for the great “Intercom on Starting Up” book. Now we know what data to measure #startups
P Richard Banfield
Kind of wish my books had been so beautifully designed. I’m only a few pages in but I can already tell this book is a keeper. Nice work!