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Our books have helped over 100,000 readers with everything from customer support to product management. No crude PDFs. No sales pitches. Just quality information and insights.

You can download our books in a variety of formats – some of them are even available in print. You can also browse our Starter Kits about getting started with key skills such as onboarding, engaging and upselling your customers.

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“I just finished reading @intercom book on Starting Up. Great lessons and advice shared throughout. #readit #startups #founders”
Product Developer, Cork, Ireland
Intercom on Starting Up
Sharing everything we know about building a startup.
Intercom on Product Management
Customer-led advice on how to make your product better.
Intercom on Customer Support
How to turn quality customer support into a competitive advantage.
Intercom on Customer Engagement
Sending the right message. To the right people. At the right time.

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Intercom on Marketing
A collection of lessons about building a brand from scratch.
Intercom on Jobs-to-be-Done
Understand the job customers are using your product for.
Intercom on Onboarding
Learn how to transform new signups into successful users.
The Sales Handbook
A fresh look at sales fundamentals for high-growth businesses.
The Growth Handbook
Authoritative, actionable strategies on how to grow your business.
Intercom on Sales
28 proven sales plays to successfully scale your revenue machine.

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“I never buy startup books anymore, but @Intercom on Starting Up, seems too beautiful and thoughtful not to.”
Product Designer, San Francisco, CA
Lead Qualification Guide
Find the best quality leads, fast.
Customer Retention Starter Kit
Stop customers slipping away.
Live Chat for Sales Starter Kit
Craft messages that proactively engage your best leads.
Nurture Starter Kit
How to get new customers beyond the free trial.
Onboarding Starter Kit
Learn how to create a great onboarding messaging campaign.
Upsell Starter Kit
Write sales messages that drive customer success, retention and revenue.
Help Center Starter Kit
How to write the perfect help article.
Real-Time Sales Guide
How to quickly turn promising leads into paying customers.
Modern Guide to Live Chat for Marketing
Learn how live chat and chatbots can help you scale your marketing efforts.
Chatbots for Sales
How to acquire, qualify and convert leads at scale.

You're too kind.

“A casual reminder that @intercom’s books are one of the best reads on product out there.”
Engineer and Designer, Melbourne, Victoria
Setting Your Sales Team Up for Success with Live Chat
How to set your sales team up for success with live chat.

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“Team @intercom continues to push out incredible content. Check out their new book on customer onboarding:
Intercom on Onboarding.”
Venture Partner, San Francisco, CA

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“Just finished “@intercom on Starting Up” - these fine folks have outdone themselves. Go read.”
Product Owner, Mannheim, Germany