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How we work

Solve real world problems

Too much design endeavour is only spent at the surface level. At Intercom, we go beyond the superficial, constantly talking to customers to understand and solve their real problems.

Design from first principles

Our design challenges are unique so we don’t look at what others have done. We break the problem down into its simplest state, then we build up the solution one clear piece at a time.

Small, collaborative teams

We work in small, fast moving teams. Design is a collaborative process at Intercom: work side by side with engineers, product managers, researchers, and other designers.

Design to ship

Design only becomes valuable when you ship it to customers. You’ll be involved from the first step – from deciding what we build, to making sure what’s implemented is pixel-perfect.

Our writing on design

Design Principles: Choosing The Right Patterns

Some patterns have become so dominant that designers don't even question if it’s the right pattern for their product or not.
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Some Things Can’t Be Wireframed

Wireframes restrict your vision for components. The limits of your stencils become the limits of your creativity.
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Has Visual Design Fallen Flat?

The status quo of visual design in software is pleasantly inoffensive. Are we heading for an aesthetic monoculture?
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The Dribbblisation Of Design

Product design work from applicants created with one eye towards Dribbble is superficial - things that look great but don't work well or solve real problems.
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Unflattening Design

Most design problems aren't one-dimensional. They require multiple perspectives to get to the best solution.
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The End Of Apps As We Know Them

The experience of our primary mobile screen being a bank of app icons that lead to independent destinations is dying.
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What makes us unique

We give our designers the opportunity to do some of the best work of their careers. We reward excellence, and help ambitious people to grow and succeed in their desired paths.

You’ll work with talented people with no ego. Experienced designers from Google and Facebook, alongside some top design graduates. Whether you’re coming from another tech company or a small startup, you’ll work with designers that have had real impact.

Getting in early means you can shape the design of Intercom for years to come. All designers are given equity, helping everyone to care deeply about designing the best product possible.

Our design principles

Make it feel alive

Our mission is to make Internet business personal. Humans are primed to respond to names, faces, and conversations. Not stats, graphs, and controls.

Design systems, not pages

Intercom is a rational system created from a small number of well defined components. Each component should look and feel recognisable anywhere it is used.

Value reusage

We don’t believe in variety for its own sake. When you create something new, create a set of new components that others can reuse.

Simplicity over power

Optimise for increasing simplicity, not increasing power. We prioritise the simplest flows, even if it means not adding (or removing!) some features.

Design from first principles

Never try and iterate out from the middle of a problem. Start at the foundational level, and build up the solution one clear piece at a time. Invent.

Design for clarity, not decoration

Make visual design decisions in support of the product meaning. Animate to explain conceptual models and product architecture.

Current openings

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The design team

Emmet Connolly
Director of Product Design
Emma Van Niekerk
Director of Product Design
Gustavs Cirulis
Design Lead
Elizabeth McGuane
Content Strategy Lead
Kostya Gorskiy
Design Lead
Alex Potrivaev
Product designer
Paul Murphy
Design Lead
Cindy Chang
Senior Product Designer
Coby Chapple
Senior Product Designer
Lana Choi
Product designer
Julien Zmiro
Product designer
Agnes Stenlund
Product Designer
Kristy Marcinova
Product designer
Linda Yang
Product designer
ShekMan Tang
Product designer
Vinaya Vishwanath
Product designer

We solve real world problems

When designing new products, don’t focus on the technology itself. Focus on what it will enable. In the video above, Paul, our VP of Product, gives some practical advice for focusing on the right things.

Ready to do the best work of your career?

Design is at the heart of everything we do. Two of our co-founders are designers, as is our VP of Product. That means projects are design led from the very start. We cut away meetings and distractions – giving you time to focus on hard problems and ambitious projects.

Sorry, there's no open positions at the moment.