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October 30, 2019

HubSpot app improvements: New Inbox app, better lead attribution and data syncing

We've made several improvements to our HubSpot app, now you can:

- More accurately score and prioritize each lead by sending all qualification data you capture in Intercom to HubSpot

- Get more context for each conversation by seeing lead data from HubSpot including email, company, stage, and owner right in the Intercom Inbox

- Keep lead ownership in sync by automatically setting owners in HubSpot as they are in Intercom (note: we won’t overwrite existing owners if they are set in HubSpot)

- Improve lead attribution by saving HubSpot cookie data for new leads captured in Intercom. This allows you to keep your original lead sources (direct traffic, paid ads, etc.) and instead capture Intercom as the conversion point for these leads (bonus: you can then view all leads converted by Intercom and from which sources in HubSpot)

To enable these features with your existing HubSpot integration, head here. To learn more about the app or install it, visit the Intercom App Store and our updated documentation.

Davey Heuser
Henry Larkin
Michelle Fitzpatrick
Product Manager
Devin McGloin

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