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June 11, 2020

Measure impact, extend self-serve support, collect customer feedback, and more — Q2 App Roundup

Apps improve the Intercom experience for your customers and your team's efficiency — enabling actions in the Messenger, keeping data in-sync across your tech stack, and triggering workflows in other tools. Here are some of the newest apps in our App Store. 🎉

Understand how Intercom impacts user behavior

Heap - Analyze key Intercom conversation events in Heap to understand the effectiveness of Intercom messages Built by Heap

Extend self-serve support

Tribe - Improve self-serve support by enabling customers to search Tribe Community Platform content from the Intercom Messenger Built by Tribe Technologies

Collect and analyze customer feedback

Upvoty - Easily collect, manage, and track user feedback and feature voting from within Intercom Built by Upvoty

Acute Feedback - Seamlessly capture customer feedback from Intercom conversations and prioritize feature requests Built by Acute

Get context for complex support issues

LiveSession - Understand how users interact with your website by viewing replays of their sessions right from the Intercom conversion. Built by LiveSession

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Explore these and the 250+ other apps available in our App Store! Is there an app or integration you'd like to see built? Let us know! 🍻

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