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February 13, 2020

Sync custom data attributes and trigger Marketo Smart Campaigns with Intercom’s new Marketo app ๐Ÿ”

Weโ€™ve made improvements to our Marketo integration to make it easier for you to use Intercom and Marketo together. Here's whatโ€™s new:

Sync valuable data across Intercom and Marketo:

  • Now map any Intercom attributes to corresponding fields in Marketo when a new lead is created or when qualification data is added or updated (e.g. industry, company size, etc.)
  • Automatically log all closed conversations in Intercom as activities in Marketo with detailed metadata (e.g. where the conversation with the lead was initiated)

Trigger Marketo Smart Campaigns:

  • Define custom rules to add Intercom leads to Marketo Smart Campaigns after a specific criteria is met (e.g. lead engages with a specific bot path)

Check the health of your integration:

  • Now easily check the health of your integration to identify any issues that may be preventing you from syncing data correctly or triggering Smart Campaigns effectively

For additional information, including how to enable these new features, check out this article.

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