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We love our customers and they love us too

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Ryan Esaki


Holy crap, @intercom is phenomenal! I was just about to hire a programmer to build out just a small subset of these features. Mind Blown!

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Hedley Smith


Seeing the whole team collaborate when speaking to users through @intercom is an absolute dream. Highly recommended.

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Guillermo Latorre


Thanks to @intercom I am talking to five @cuentica users who are online reminding them we’re going to stop the service in just 5 minutes :)

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Gerlando Piro


Implemented @intercom on @teacheryco this week and I’m quickly becoming a fan boy.

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@intercom the best product company now. Be it Design, Experience, Product, Tech or Evangelism. #product #Saas #customerexperience

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Scott Robertson


The only issue with @intercom is that it totally sucks when I want to contact support on a website that doesn't use it.

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ben illian


Marketers should be looking into @intercom. Their product is unique and very well built. Endless ways to engage your customers.

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James Deer


Started the team in @intercom today. It feels like support has come alive. Especially with the live chat. Awesome!

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Josh Pigford


Sending targeted in-app messages with @intercom to get feedback on a feature is something I wish I had started doing ages ago.

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Loe Lee


Why hasn't anyone told me about @intercom. I'm so in love. Take my money. #product #customerinsight #customerengagement

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Marc Grabanski 🏙💻


It's fair to say @intercom is completely changing the game for me right now. I'm obsessively talking with customers based on their data.

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Andreas Mahringer


I'd argue that @intercom is probably the best product in the world. Not kidding here, but I can't think of anything providing an equal value

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Simon Stockdale


Just loving @intercom today - so easy for my users to contact me and for me to reply and understand their usage of @pagemap

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.@intercom + @SlackHQ = changing our life right now. Go together like PB&J. Or S&P. Or guacamole & chips.


Mike Cottrill


Just sat through a quick demo of @intercom. Goodbye, ZenDesk. This is a CRM that handles every phase of the funnel.


TJ Sondermann


Hard to imagine successful SaaS apps *not* using @intercom as a platform in the next 18 months.


Hemal Kuntawala


Is it ok to be obsessed with a SAAS? I am with @intercom. It's how we should all engage with companies and customers: human and direct.


Birkan Icacan


Huge kudos to @intercom team for building a great product and even a better company blog. :) My fave blog nowadays >>


Sam Schill


Using @intercom makes me happy every single day. Best software I have ever used. Keep up the good work!



@intercom - thanks to your product, we've bumped retention up by 5% in 30 days, and we're just getting started! Top work.


Guillaume Simon


We have our first users coming back to our app thanks to @intercom automatic emails ! BRILLIANT !


Niαll Kεlly


Must say, @intercom’s product gets better and better each time I use it. And their support team is absolutely 1st class. Hats off to them.


Cory MacVie


@intercom Thx for allowing us to serve our customers even better. You make it look like @fulcrumapp did all the dev work.


Elliott Hauser


The user feedback that we get every day via @intercom gives me energy, morale & purpose. Such a valuable tool for us in so many ways.


David Coallier


And just like that, @intercom replaced Twitter as the first app I look at in the morning.


Max Ischenko


When feeling stuck with the startup I send a short e-mail to our most loyal users. It helps. ;) Btw, this email alone is worth @intercom $$$


Lee Munroe


The power of @intercom. In less than a day I have feedback from over 100 customers.


Chris Bradley


Loving @Intercom! Best tool I have found for keeping on top of communicating with customers throughout the funnel


Dan Holowack


I love @intercom. It's expertly designed, elegant and very powerful. Your team has done an excellent job. Thank you!


Fred Castagnac


I needed to tell you @intercom: I truly love to send in app messages to my users! Your app really rocks (especially the new version ;-))


Andy Mangold


Well, @intercom is the best web product I have ever used. So many aspects of it is head-smackingly smart and it’s all perfectly executed.


Jon Livingston


I’m really impressed with @intercom’s in-app messaging. It’s perfect for getting in touch with customers at the right time. #intercomtips


Antony McGregor Dey


The next billion dollar tech company? @intercom they are truly, mindbogglingly amazeballs!

Michael xander

Michael Xander


If you’re looking for a single customer feedback solution, give @intercom a try:


marco govoni


@intercom is one of the best customer-oriented software I’ve ever seen. Great software, great support, great people. Thanks by @loveyourpix


Chris Jennings


I love waking up to @intercom signup digests. It’s like my own personal @ProductHunt.


Chris Armstrong


Really can’t imagine trying to build/manage an app without @intercom.


Robert Pease


Really digging @intercom. Great stats, email engagement, UX. Well done folks


Amber Osborne


One of the best tools for in app customer interaction and onboarding i’ve found. I absolutely adore @intercom. Wish I had you months ago!




We just ditched @MailChimp for @intercom. The reason? Pricing vs functions. Just wanted to let the world know.


Allyson Downey


Serious kudos to the @intercom team for continually improving their UX. Seems like every time I log on, awesome new functionality.

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