Intercom On Jobs-to-be-done

Great products start with real problems

People buy products and services to get a “job” done. The key to success is understanding the real job customers are using your product for. Drawing together the most valuable lessons we’ve learned thus far, Intercom on Jobs-to-be-Done offers tried and tested advice on how you should be thinking about business, growth and innovation.
Available in ePub, mobi, and PDF.

What’s inside

  • How to get customers to switch to your product
  • Understanding your product’s real competitors, rather than category
  • Designing features using Jobs‑to‑be‑Done
  • How to interview customers and identify the job to be done
Jobs-to-be-Done is the light that guides your product through the abyss. This book shows how you can apply it to any organization.
Bob Moesta
CEO, ReWired Group
This book brings Jobs-to-be-Done to life in a practical way. A must read for marketers and product owners.
Amrita Gurney
VP Marketing, CrowdRiff