What is Help Desk Software?

Provide your customers with the support they need to be successful with your product. Modern help desk software is technology that helps your team provide customer support via multiple channels: live chat, email, in-app messaging and more. With multi-channel help desk software like Intercom, you can provide personalized, real-time support at scale that lead to happier, more successful customers.

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Customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores from live chat are the highest across all channels

51% higher

Intercom customers’ first response time compared to the industry average


Percentage of customer questions that Intercom’s Answer Bot can automatically resolve

The problem with most help desk software

Customers are tired of help desk software that treats them like tickets. The ticketing experience is impersonal and unfulfilling for both the customer and your team.

With outdated ticket-only help desks, your support team never gets the context behind what customers have already done on your website or app. Smart support teams need easy access to customer data and history to eliminate back-and-forth questions and answers that waste valuable time and effort for both your reps and customers.

Ticket-only help desk software also makes it difficult to collaborate with other teams. If you're manually tagging or forwarding tickets to sales or engineering, you're simply increasing the wait time for your customers' resolutions.

The benefits of modern help desk software

It's time to switch your help desk software to a modern, multi-channel solution. The right help desk software can empower:

  • Faster response times

    With a shared inbox that all of your teams can access, customers spend less time waiting for their questions to be answered.
  • Reduced inbound conversation volume

    Self-service support makes it easy for customers to find knowledge base articles or get answers to common questions, reducing the amount of repetitive tasks your support team receives.
  • Increased customer satisfaction

    When customers are getting the answers they need faster and more reliably, they're more likely to give you positive feedback or complete their purchase. You're 82% more likely to see a conversion from customers using Intercom's live chat.
  • Increased customer retention

    Customers who know they can rely on you for fast, efficient support are easier to retain long-term.
  • Enhanced team productivity

    Chatbots, self-service options, and automated lead nurturing remove repetitive, time-consuming tasks from your plate, increasing your team's efficiency so they can focus on lead nurturing, product development, and marketing.

Features of a modern help desk

When evaluating help desk solutions make sure you identify solutions that meet the following criteria:

  • Multi-channel support

    A single support channel is no longer enough for modern customers. Give your customers the choice to reach you on their preferred channel: email, chat, mobile, social media and more.
  • Frictionless self-service

    The best customer support experiences may never require one-on-one help. Modern help desk software lets customers help themselves with chatbots that instantly answer questions or provide links to knowledge base articles.
  • A collaborative inbox

    A single inbox makes it easier for your team to route customers to the right person, whether they need to quickly chat with support or have a more complex issue that requires help from your engineers.

Why you should Intercom for your help desk

If you are looking for a modern help desk solution, here's how Intercom can make a difference on your customer experience.

  • Best-in-class Messenger

    Our business messenger gives you the ability to provide live chat support to customers on any page. Customize it to match your brand and use the home screen to create a tailored experience for customers when they open the Messenger
  • Automation and self-service

    With our Answer Bot, you can finally offer 24/7 support without scaling your overhead and resolve many of your customers' questions before they ever speak to a team member.
  • Rich customer insights

    Get the context you need to offer customers solutions quickly and accurately, including their on-site or in-app behavioral data and full chat history. Use that data to also anticipate customer needs by prompting conversations on high-intent pages like your pricing page to boost revenue.
  • Collaborative team inbox

    Intercom supports multiple team inboxes, internal notes and tags to ensure your team can work collaboratively to quickly resolve customer issues.

"With a worldwide support team of over 150 reps servicing 80,000 conversations a month, we needed a help desk that could scale with our growth. Since switching to Intercom from our previous ticketing solution, we’ve improved our CSAT scores by 2x and reduced our average first contact to resolution time from 30 minutes to 2 minutes."

Darius Grigorjevas

Head of Customer Service at Hostinger