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The cutting-edge AI chatbot for customer service

Boost your customer service and cut down your support workload with Intercom's breakthrough AI-powered chatbot - it's easy to set up and ready to go.
The cutting-edge AI chatbot for customer service
Trusted by 25k+ businesses

An AI chatbot for the future, with everything teams need today

Our AI chatbot handles support queries with ease and helps you engage with customers better. It offers audience segmentation, proactive outreach, and customer data collection, while keeps the conversations going on WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS and more.

Unlock a world of benefits with Intercom’s chatbots for business

  • Boost your team's productivity

    Slash your support costs and unleash your team's potential - our AI-powered chatbot is here to take care of the routine tasks for your support reps.
  • Stay one step ahead, always

    Help customers with known issues before they get in touch, increasing service reliability and reducing inbound support volume.
  • Be available at all times

    Ensure your customers have 24/7 conversational support, answering questions immediately in any of your brand's channels.
  • 50%
    Support questions resolved instantly
  • 60%
    Up to 60% of deflection rate
  • The world’s most advanced AI, fine-tuned for support

  • Introducing Fin

    Customer support with a chatbot powered by OpenAI

    A breakthrough AI bot powered by OpenAI. Using advanced AI language models, Fin solves complex problems and provides safer, more accurate answers than any AI bot on the market.

    Available everywhere, anywhere

    With Intercom's AI chatbots, you can support customers in their preferred channels – from email and SMS to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and more.
  • Active in minutes

    Instant answers from multiple sources

    From Intercom Articles to Zendesk Help Center or any public URL, our AI-powered chatbot can ingest content from multiple sources at once. It starts answering customer questions immediately. No training, no configuration.
  • Multilingual

    Multilingual customer support

    Our AI chatbot will automatically detect a customer’s language and resolve issues in any of the 43 languages that Intercom currently supports. (Coming soon!)
  • Scale support keeping it personal

  • Questions routing

    Human when you need it

    Our chatbot can triage complex problems and seamlessly pass them to your human support teams—so your customers get the best possible experience.

    Time-saving support for human teams

    With Composer AI, support reps can rephrase a message with one click, turn bullet points into fully-fledged responses, or generate summaries of whole conversations by clicking the “summarize” button.
  • Customizable Messenger

    Tailor-made to fit your business

    Create messenger experiences that match your brand identity and tone of voice with our infinite, highly-customizable design tools.
  • Speed up resolutions with easy-to-build proactive bots

  • Visual Bot Builder

    A code-free builder that puts you in control

    Collect customer info and speed up resolutions with easy-to-build, no-code custom chatbots. Whether it’s one, two, or 100 bots, it’s easy to design what you need to scale any automation strategy.
  • Proactive Messages

    Engage your customers before they ask

    Proactively start conversations using advanced targeting and enrichment, engaging the leads you want on your website or product platform.
  • Advanced segmentation

    Multiple audiences, different support

    Work with audience segmentation technology to base your bot actions on factors like customer spend, business type, and orders. Plus, provide customizable answers to suit specific audiences.
  • “Our bot deflection rate with our previous customer service solution was 5–10%. With Intercom, we achieved 65% bot deflection within just one week of going live.”

    Stuart Sykes, VP of Service Operations

    • Winter | Leader
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    The only AI customer service solution you need

    Intercom goes beyond chatbots. It’s a customer platform that helps you connect with your customers, solve their problems, and delight them with personalized experiences — all while reducing team workload