What is Lead Tracking?

Lead tracking is the set of processes and tools that marketing and sales teams use to monitor and engage with potential customers throughout the sales cycle. Using lead tracking software, businesses can monitor where leads are within the sales pipeline and create personalized messaging to improve the chances for conversion.

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Up to 33%

Revenue increase that sales teams who follow a defined process bring in, compared to teams that don't

Up to 50%

Percentage of sales that will go to the business that responds to a lead first

Up to 36%

Increase in conversion rate for visitors who interact with Intercom bots on your website

How to convert your tracked leads with Intercom

While lead tracking helps you understand the number of potential customers, or leads, in your sales pipeline, at the end of the day, your main goal is to get those leads to convert into paying customers. Intercom helps you achieve this goal with the following features:

    1. Targeted messages

    Send targeted messages based on your leads’ behavior and profile. Automatically determine what messages to send based on their segment, actions, and other details. Responses to these messages can be auto-routed to your sales team.

    2. Live chat

    Place our business messenger on the pages that your high-intent visitors are likely to visit, such as your pricing page or demo page. That way, you can engage customers with the perfect message at the exact moment they're ready to buy.

    3. Enriched visitor data

    Our platform integrates third-party data from popular data enrichment tools like ClearBit Reveal to help you get a more informed understanding of the people visiting your website. Use this data to improve the messages you send.

    4. Integrations with external CRMs

    Give sales teams with the data they need to convert leads. Connect Intercom with popular Customer Relationship Management systems like Salesforce to enable end-to-end sales pipeline management.

    5. Split testing

    Test your way to the best message. Our reports let you closely measure and compare the results of variant testing, so you can isolate and apply the principles that successfully convert.

Full lead management solution: track leads throughout the pipeline

A comprehensive lead management system builds profiles of the people visiting your website and tracks these leads as they go through the sales pipeline, refining the sales path along the way. Here’s how Intercom can help you at each stage of the pipeline.

  • Acquire leads

    Features like chatbots and live chat help you connect with your website visitors 24/7 and constantly acquire leads. By tracking their customer behavior and using data enrichment integrations, you can trigger personalized messages to further nurture these leads.
  • Qualify leads

    Chatbots automate lead qualification by collecting crucial information on customer intent. Sales teams can use data from chatbot conversations to automatically score leads and move the most qualified leads further along the sales pipeline.
  • Convert leads

    Your best leads can be fast-tracked to the right salesperson instantly, accelerating the time it takes to close deals.
  • Measure leads

    Finally, see which messages and landing pages generate the most leads and revenue to keep optimizing your sales process.

How Intercom takes lead tracking to the next level

More and more companies are automating their lead tracking and lead management to drive ROI and efficiency. We offer the best automation features in the market for engaging with leads. Here’s why automation is so important if you’re looking to scale:

  • Increase efficiency

    Manually targeting customers with personalized messaging is inefficient and results in poor ROI, especially for small businesses with limited resources. Marketing automation lets small businesses break this bottleneck and keep acquisition costs at a minimum.
  • Create personalized paths

    Bots used to get a bad rap because people think they’re too impersonal. But with the latest advances, automation tools like bots actually make communication more personalized because they’re able to offer more tailored sales paths based on what people input.
  • Increase lead conversions

    Automation has a direct impact on your bottom line. The more you automate your lead qualification and engagement tactics, the more time you can spend testing conversion strategies and scaling the most effective ones.

"Intercom has now essentially become our customer relationship management system of record. We use it for tracking the entire customer lifecycle; from prospect, to free trial user, to paid user, and beyond. With Intercom, we've increased the number of website visitors who start a free trial by 18%!"

Jon Falker

Director of Marketing, Glidr