Looking for a MailChimp alternative?

  • Import MailChimp contacts into Intercom - a single platform for email and in-app marketing automation.
  • Leverage live user data to create highly targeted audience segments.
  • Deliver the right message at the right time with behavior-based event triggers.
  • Send unlimited messages at no additional cost.
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Everything you need to turn your new sign-ups into active customers.

Visitor auto messaging
Visitor Auto Message
Visitor Auto Message
Send targeted chats to visitors based on their activity.
In app message chat
In-App Messages
In-App Messages
Message users inside your web and mobile apps.
Team Inbox
Team Inbox
Re-engage users with automated & one-off emails.
In app trigger times
Metrics & Goals
Metrics & Goals
Track opens and clicks, and see live goal conversions.
“Intercom gives insights for how to best message customers and improve their experience.”