What is a Customer Data Platform?

Build a more personal customer experience by getting a full view of everything that customers are doing on your website and in your product. A customer data platform is a system that provides this full view by collecting information on what your customers are viewing, clicking on or contacting you about. Intercom’s customer data platform gives your entire team a unified view of the actions customers are taking on your website and in your app, so you can build more personal, long-term relationships.

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Percentage of marketing executives who say data is a core part of nearly all of their marketing campaigns


Percentage of marketers who reported improvements in their campaigns when using personalization. More than half reported a lift greater than 10%.


Percentage of consumers who expect companies to anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they start a chat session

Customer data platform use cases

There are plenty of ways your teams can use a customer data platform to improve their work. Here are three common use cases:

    1. Data enrichment

    With a customer data platform, your support team gets a complete picture of every customer the moment they start a new interaction. This information includes their name, location, social profiles, in-app and website activity and more.

    2. Customer segmentation

    Filter your customers by the actions they take and create live segments based on these actions. These segments can receive highly targeted messages on your website, in-app or via email — wherever you have the highest rate of success.

    3. Multi-channel lifecycle marketing

    Improve your lifecycle marketing with access to rich customer data. Send targeted messages to boost conversions at every step of your customer journey from lead generation to upgrade to churn prevention.

Benefits of implementing a customer data platform

Improved marketing segmentation is just one of the ways you'll benefit from investing in a customer data platform. Here are a few other benefits:

  • Higher conversion rates

    Boost conversions with more personalized messages based on specific actions customers have taken on your website or in-app.
  • Lower churn rates

    Build trust and loyalty by creating personalized customer journeys based on data, like which pages or parts of your app customers have yet to view.
  • A single source of truth for customer data

    Unlike customer relationship management systems built to track a customer's profile for sales, customer data platforms consolidate customer data for everyone in your business, from sales and marketing to support. With all your customer intelligence, sales, support and marketing history in one place, you'll be able to reduce organizational silos and centralize access across all your teams.

What to look for in a customer data platform

Your ideal customer data platform should have the following features:

  • Easy implementation

    The platform you pick needs to be simple to set up, personalize and access across all of your teams. Integrating with your existing website, app and other data sources shouldn't require extensive code or custom development.
  • Tracking for customer events

    To provide the best customer experience, your sales and support teams should know the pages customers have visited, forms completed and previous conversations they've had with team members across your website and within your app.
  • Live customer data

    Your customer data platform should be able to immediately update the profiles it stores for each customer any time there is a change or a new behavior is logged, giving you the best chance at creating segmented campaigns based on live data.
  • Powerful segmentation

    You should be able to create highly personalized messages based on customer activity, organization size, their last interaction and much more.

Why you should use Intercom as your customer data platform

If you are evaluating customer data platforms, here's how Intercom is different.

  • Increase feature adoption with personalized messages

    Easily segment your customer base to amplify new feature announcements to the right audience. You can then collect targeted feedback to help iterate and build your next version.
  • Improve conversion across the customer lifecycle with smart campaigns

    Automate your drip campaigns by displaying targeted messages on your website, in-app or within email. Users will learn about your product using the medium they like best. Just add your messages, rules and goals; we'll take care of the rest.
  • Boost response time and satisfaction with live chat

    Give your sales and support teams easy access to accurate, relevant customer data updated in real-time. Your teams can quickly solve customer questions or address issues over live chat with access to each customer's full conversation and activity history.
  • Integrate with your existing stack

    It's your data — make the most of it. Import your existing customer data into Intercom with integrations for Salesforce, Segment, Stripe and more.

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