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Maximize team efficiency with AI-powered features

Use GPT-powered tools to instantly generate replies, recap conversations for other agents, and create new help articles
Maximize team efficiency with AI-powered features
Trusted by 25k+ businesses

Speed and scale like never before

Free your team from repetitive and time-consuming tasks with our new GPT-powered features

Learn how Intercom's AI capabilities can help you reduce your team workload


Resolve 50% of your support questions with our AI chatbot

A breakthrough AI bot powered by OpenAI. Using advanced AI language models, Fin solves complex problems and provides safer, more accurate answers than any AI bot on the market.

The only AI customer service solution you'll need

Intercom has all the features that businesses need to streamline workflows, support more customers, and deliver better experiences at scale.

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Customer success is our success

Discover how businesses like yours use Intercom to support and engage customers

  • Portrait of Craig Vincent of Amplitude

    “We’ve seen our engagement rates rise by 25–30%, product activation has increased by 11% across the board, and [Intercom's] automation capabilities have helped us to scale our efforts without increasing headcount, which has saved us $1 million.”

    Craig Vincent
    Head of Global Success Programs, Customer Success
  • Portrait of  Brian Lederman of Coda

    “Since we introduced Custom Bots, our Support team has been able to save time and reduce their median reply count for certain queries by 57% – from seven replies to just three.”

    Brian Lederman
    Head of Sales, Support, and Success
  • Portrait of Geronimo Chala of Rebag

    "The happier our team is, the easier it is for them to delight our customers. So, Intercom was that one platform that tied all of those pieces together for us. We fell in love with it."

    Geronimo Chala
    Chief Consumer Officer