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The all-in-one Human-powered, AI-enhanced customer service platform

The only solution that combines an AI chatbot, help desk, and proactive support—so you can keep costs low, support teams happy, and customers satisfied.

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Trusted by 25k+ businesses

Trusted by 25k+ businesses

Work smarter and faster with the leader in AI for customer service


Get more done faster with our AI-enhanced ticketing system

Maximize productivity with a central workspace that connects your inbox, tickets, and help center.

  • [Paid [platform] Maximize productivity with the fastest shared Inbox
    Maximize productivity with the fastest shared Inbox
    Our shared Inbox is AI-enhanced and designed for speed and efficiency—so your team can work smarter and collaborate faster.
  • [Paid [platform] Better tickets for your team and your customers
    Better tickets for your team and your customers
    Resolve complex issues quickly with tickets optimized for team collaboration and real-time customer updates.
  • [Paid [platform] Help your customers help themselves
    Help your customers help themselves
    Connect your Help Center across the whole platform—so your customers can find the most accurate answers when and where they need them.

Resolve 50% of customer questions. Instantly.

Fin, our breakthrough AI chatbot, uses the most sophisticated AI technology to deliver safe, accurate answers that resolve customer questions and reduce your team’s ticket volume instantly.

  • [Paid] [platform] An AI bot you can trust
    An AI bot you can trust
    Built-in safeguards ensure Fin answers questions based solely on your support content. No misleading answers. No off-topic conversations.
  • [Paid] [platform] Seamless human handoff
    Seamless human handoff
    Fin can triage complex problems and pass them to your human support teams without interruption—so your customers get the best possible experience.
  • [Paid] [platform] Connect it all with Workflows
    Connect it all with Workflows
    Easily build powerful, no-code automations for your customers and your teammates with Fin, other bots, triggers, conditions, and rules—all in one place.

    Give customers the support they need, before they need it

    Onboard, educate, and notify your customers with in-context, automated messages—cutting support volume and keeping customers happy.

    Proactive Support
  • [Paid] [platform] Product Tours
    Product Tours
    Keep new users inside your product—and out of your Inbox—using automated, interactive onboarding.
  • [Paid] [platform] Outbound Messages
    Outbound Messages
    Keep support volume low by letting customers know when issues arise with the largest selection of message types.
  • [Paid] [platform] Series
    Create cohesive targeted message sequences across channels with a no-code visual builder.
  • Everything else you need to offer better customer service

    • [Paid] [platform] Omnichannel
      Conversational support where it works best for your customers
      Our Messenger supports customers when it's most effective—the moment they need help in your product. And with email, SMS, and more, they can also pick whatever channel works best.
    • [Paid] [platform] Platform
      A single, powerful, easy-to-use platform
      Get all your automation, conversations, tickets, customer data, and reporting working together seamlessly. Maximize team performance by connecting all your other tools to our platform.
    • [Paid] [platform] Reporting
      See all your data in one place
      Understand and improve the performance of your bots and team with flexible and customizable reports.
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    “We have almost all of our support channels integrated into one system, making it easy for us to manage our support, as well as take a data-driven approach to continuously improving our service.”

    Oda Skuggedal Wilhelmsen, Nordic Customer Service Manager,