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No matter how busy your team is, give customers precise, instant answers 24/7 with Answer Bot.

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Instantly resolve 29% of your customers’ most common questions with Answer Bot.

Three reasons you’ll love Answer Bot

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Instant Resolutions, 24/7
Wow your customers with a fast, easy support experience every time – even when your team is busy or offline.
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Answers, not suggestions
Precise answers mean customers get exactly what they’re looking for with less effort.
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Smart question recognition
Answer Bot uses machine learning to identify questions it can handle while your team solves the rest.
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Complete self-service
Let customers resolve their own queries with 100+ apps for order updates, incident reports and more.
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Personalized answers
Add the personal touch by including a customer’s name, company name and more in Answer Bot’s reply.
On-brand automation
Stay in control of your customer experience with intelligent automation that’s easy to customize to match your brand.
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Answers you control
You tell Answer Bot exactly how to answer, so responses are always consistent and in your brand voice.
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Complements your team
Let Answer Bot take care of simple questions, while your team handles those that need a human touch.
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Easy to train
Teach Answer Bot to recognize similar questions using examples from your previous conversations.
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Intelligent curation
Answer Bot analyzes your conversations in Intercom or Zendesk Chat to suggest answers to automate.
Immediate efficiency gains
Accelerate resolution times and free up your team to focus on building meaningful customer relationships.
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Get customer insights
Know your common questions, find new ones to automate and measure time saved with insightful reports.
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Reduce repetitive work
Save your team from answering the same questions over and over, so they can focus on more productive tasks.
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Automate question prompts
Answer Bot prompts customers to ask their question, so you’re not repeatedly asking “how can I help?”
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“Answer Bot helps our team build a better customer experience. Now, 1 in 5 of all our inbound conversations are resolved by the bot!”

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Automate simple workflows
Make your team more efficient by automating simple actions like routing conversations, collecting customer feedback and more.
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Custom Bots

Offer proactive support
Build your perfect bot for proactive, targeted support triggered by customer behavior, company size and more.