Customer engagement
Customer engagement

Personal customer engagement that drives growth

Send targeted messages and product tours to onboard and activate users, announce new features, and more.

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More than 30,000 companies use Intercom for customer engagement
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Increased message engagement 2.5x
Achieved 92% conversion rate with timely in-app messages
“With Intercom we get the insights we need to constantly improve the customer experience and message people at the best possible moment.”

Target the right people and send the right message – at the right time

Easily segment your customers to send them the perfect message.
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Target people based on behaviors, data from Segment, Salesforce and more
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Send email, push and in-app messages to people in your apps and on your website
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Message Composer
Quickly compose beautiful and effective messages across all channels
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Delivery Windows
Ensure messages are sent at the best time for you and your customers

Onboard new signups to convert them into long-term customers

Welcome every new customer with interactive product tours, targeted messages and campaigns to activate, onboard and convert at scale.
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Announce new features with targeted messages and tours

Share info about new features and products by email and show people how to use them with product tours inside your app to drive adoption.

Measure and optimize your messages and campaigns

Check results and test new ideas to continually optimize performance and prove impact.
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Measure the actions people take as a result of receiving your message
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A/B Testing
Test your messages against variants and control groups to measure impact and improve results
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Get a high-level view of the performance of all messages

Live chat and chatbots that work with your existing tech stack

Our library of integrations and our flexible APIs mean it’s easy to fit Intercom into how you already work.