A team inbox that grows with your business

One place to manage and respond to all conversations with leads and customers.

Respond faster with
the right answer

Respond faster with
the right answer

Live customer profiles
Reduce back-and-forth with relevant information like browser, plan, and recent conversations.
Saved Replies
Reply quickly with canned responses, accessible with a simple keyboard shortcut.
Articles & Smart Suggestions
Share help articles that are automatically suggested based on each conversation.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Perform common actions without wasting a second.
Intercom's inbox has become the go-to place for customer communications in our company. Everyone from support to product can use Intercom to see conversations alongside everything we know about the customer.”
Nikos Moraitakis
CEO, Workable

Smarter inbox management

01. Teams

Group teammates by expertise so you can assign them relevant conversations.

02. Assignment Rules

Automatically assign conversations to the right teammate or team based on the customer, keywords, and more.

03. Bulk Actions

Save time by closing and assigning multiple conversations at once.

04. Tags

Group conversations and customers to easily access them later.

05. Round Robin

Assigns conversations to available teammates

Team collaboration made easy

Team collaboration made easy

Real-time updates
See what’s being handled so you know who to help next.
Notes & Mentions
Loop in teammates on tough questions to collaborate behind the scenes.
Assign Conversations
Hand over conversations to the team or teammate best equipped to respond.
Recent Conversation
See recent conversations with leads and users

An inbox that recognizes great work

Stay motivated with positive customer feedback delivered right to the team inbox.

Take your team inbox anywhere

Intercom’s apps for iOS and Android let you view, manage, and respond to conversations.
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