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Let customers help themselves with a smarter knowledge base

Scale your support with a help center so customers can find answers fast.

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Our Knowledge Base solution is powered by our Educate product

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Create & organize articles
Dot Public Help Center
Dot Actionable Insights
Dot Content Importer
Dot Help Desk Integration

A knowledge base where help is always available

Create a public help center where people can find answers on their own, letting you spend time on problems that truly need your assistance.

Make it easy for people to find answers.
Organize articles into collections for people to explore.
Let people contact your team if they can’t find an answer on their own.

Quick to create.
Easy to organize.

Quick to create.
Easy to organize.

Write Articles
A clean composer that leaves no surprises when you put your articles live.
Create Collections
Group your articles by topic for intuitive browsing and navigation.
Control Visibility
Choose which articles are discoverable on your Help Center.
Match your company’s brand and use a custom domain.

what’s helpful

Reactions make it easy for customers to tell you if an article was helpful or not.

Feedback loops help you improve your content

01. Get Rich Feedback

Automatically encourage feedback from people who don't get what they need.

02. Prioritize Improvements

See which article needs the most work so you can focus on it first.

03. Know How To Improve

Review all feedback on an article in one place.

04. Know What To Write Next

See what people searched for but didn't find.

Access your knowledge base inside your help desk

Scale the impact of your support team by connecting Intercom's Educate and Respond products.

Smart Inbox Suggestions
Our bot, Operator, recommends articles for you to share in conversations.
Find And Send Articles
Quickly search your Help Center and share articles from your team inbox.
Deliver Articles In Your App
Let customers read and react to articles without leaving your app.

Connect Intercom to tools you already use

Out-of-the-box integrations for Zendesk, Salesforce, Github, Clearbit, and more. Flexible APIs, webhooks, and tools.

Knowledge Base
Powered by: Educate
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