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Influx increased monthly leads from their website by 27%.

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Tradeshift grew monthly sales opportunities by 32%.

“Intercom has changed the way we capture leads. If you want to connect with the best prospects on your website, why put barriers like big forms in the way?”
Jason Mills

Director of Sales and Success

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Fuel faster revenue growth

Take advantage of live chat powered by bots and apps to boost sales team productivity and grow revenue faster than ever.

Find more opportunities

Enable your inbound sales team to connect with more qualified leads.

Close more deals

Land more meetings and win more deals with target accounts on your outbound sales team.

Generate more revenue

Drive incremental revenue from existing customers through engaging account management.

For inbound sales

Qualify leads 24/7 and sell faster with chatbots

  • Close deals faster than ever when you connect with the best leads on your website in real-time.
  • Qualify leads and book meetings automatically with chatbots that work 24/7.
  • Save time by letting bots automate next steps like data entry, routing and adding leads to your CRM.
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Visitor interactions with bots on your website increase lead conversion by up to 36%.
For outbound sales

Close more of your biggest deals

  • Capitalize on the moment when target accounts visit your site and engage them personally with live chat.
  • Land more meetings by making it simple for key accounts to book time with your team.
For sales and account managers

Get more revenue from your existing customers

  • Stay up to date on key accounts by tracking activity and getting notifications of new conversations.
  • Convert more trials and freemium users into paid customers by encouraging them to take the right next steps.
  • Increase revenue by reaching out at the perfect time for renewals and upsells with targeted, personalized messages.
  • Proactively help accounts get the most out of your service to reduce the risk of churn.
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Live data and analytics

See Intercom's impact on more than just your pipeline

  • Measure ROI by viewing opportunities, pipeline and deals won for your entire team and each teammate.
  • Know which pages and messages generate the most opportunities for your sales team when you view their performance.
  • Recognize and reward top performers with team and teammate performance reports.
  • Learn when to invest coverage with reports on your busiest times during the day and week.