The best team inbox for sales and support

Intercom's team inbox accelerates workflows to drive faster responses for leads and customers.

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“Intercom has changed the way our sales and support teams collaborate. We now have a single tool that lets us track, sell and support users through every step of the funnel.”
Jason Mills

Director of Sales and Success

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The team inbox for all customer communication

Manage communications from leads and customers wherever they are – your website, your web and mobile apps, Facebook and Twitter.

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Get a single view of customers and conversations
Give sales, marketing and support a single source of truth and complete context about every customer.
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Match the Messenger with your brand
Make it yours by setting the color, background, which side of the screen it appears, and more.

Seamless collaboration between sales and support

Bring sales and support together in one tool to acquire and retain more customers.

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Respond and resolve conversations faster
Create inboxes for each team, set permissions and use notes and mentions to work together faster.
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Chat on-the-go and never miss an opportunity
Respond to leads and customers who need help on-the-go with native apps for iOS and Android.

Save time and gain efficiency with automation and bots

Create the most efficient sales and support team possible by automating redundant, time-consuming tasks.

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Qualify leads automatically
Create custom bots to qualify leads, grow your email subscriber list, webinar registrants, and more.
Learn more about Custom Bots
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Let Answer Bot answer common questions
Provide instant answers and save your team time by letting Answer Bot handle common questions.
Learn more about Answer Bot
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Auto-route conversations to the right people
Let bots sort who goes to support or sales, qualify their behaviors and actions – or distribute conversations evenly via round-robin.
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Follow-up faster
Save time answering common questions with canned, personalized responses, and send the perfect help article in a single click.

Measure and improve performance

See your team’s performance, spot trends and plan ahead.

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Plan future headcount
Know when to add coverage with reports on conversation volume, response times, and SLAs.
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Measure ROI
See revenue metrics overall, by individual message, landing page and for each bot you have live.
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Manage team performance
Track individual conversation volume, response times, meetings booked, deals won and more.
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Analyze conversation trends
Track and view insights on conversation trends over time with custom tagging and reporting.

Integrate with your entire tech stack

Seamlessly integrate with these popular tools to make sending messages even easier.