Send targeted messages to the right people at the right time

Encourage leads and users to take action with targeted email, push, and in-app messages triggered by time or behavior

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Key features

Key features

Create live segments and target the right people for messages based on their behaviors
Outbound messaging
Send one-off and automated email, push, and in-app messages to people
Measurement and Optimization
View message performance and test against variants and control groups to improve results
Connect Intercom with other tools like Salesforce, Segment, HubSpot, Marketo and more
Messages powers these use cases

Intercom offers 3 products that can be used independently or combined together for your company’s needs.

“Intercom gives insights for how to best message customers and improve their experience.”
More than 30,000 companies use Intercom to engage their customers

Achieved 92% conversion rate with timely in-app messages


Increased message engagement by 2.5x

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