Drive growth with targeted messages

Increase sales, onboard new users and grow faster with powerful messages that deliver unparalleled performance.

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“Intercom lets us refine the customer experience and think more creatively about our communication and how it can benefit the business.”
Dan Touchette

Director of Mobile and Enterprise Product

Target the right people with messages that matter

Deliver better experiences by leveraging all the things you know about your audience so they get the perfect message every time.

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Send the messages customers care about
Target visitors and customers based on segment, behavior and other information so you always send the right message to the right person.
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Simple, powerful, personalized campaigns
Drive actions that grow your business by sending personalized and dynamic series of messages based on time and behavior.
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Start seamless experiences with perfect timing
Specify the exact moment customers receive messages – down to the second – that’s best for you and your customer.
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Optimize the channel for maximum impact
Maximize engagement and revenue by specifying where a user should see the message first and how they’ll be notified.

More ways to communicate = more ways to grow

From sending one-off messages to automating multi-channel campaigns, there’s no limit to the meaningful ways you can connect with customers.

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A direct line to customers
Send automated in-app messages to leads and users based on their behavior on your app and website.
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Pick the message fit for the job
Choose from an array of message styles optimized for conversations, announcements, and quick tips – no developer required.
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Reach people wherever they go
Engage leads and users with automated and one-off emails, and use push notifications to connect with and retain mobile app users.
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Go beyond text with rich message content
Send images, videos, messenger apps and emoji to tell your story and drive action in the most powerful way possible.

Do more with powerful apps in your messages

Add apps from the Intercom App Store inside messages to let customers take action without leaving the page.

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Collect emails and subscribe seamlessly
Use apps from Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor to let people enter their email to access content, provide discount codes and more.
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Capture and qualify more leads
Sign up for demos, schedule meetings and register for webinars with apps from Google Calendar, Zoom, Aircall and more.
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Send surveys and get the feedback you need
Collect feedback, measure NPS and improve the customer experience using apps from Typeform, Wootric, AskNicely and more.
Support customers and keep them updated
Use apps like Article Inserter to let customers find answers on their own, and Statuspage to provide downtime communication at scale.

Optimize messages to hit your goals

Measure message performance and conduct A/B tests to optimize content and prove ROI at every stage of the customer journey.

Know how each message performs
View open, clicks and reply rates, and track the true performance of a message all the way to a goal.
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Export data for more in-depth analysis
Export message performance data in a given time period to a CSV file and via our API.
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Test your way to the best message
Improve performance by A/B testing against variants to find a winner and use control groups to measure the impact.
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Always have the right audience with live segments
With behavioral and customer data stored in Intercom and updated continuously, you can target the right people even as things change.

Connect your tech stack to work smarter

Streamline your workflow by integrating with the tools you already use.