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How we work

Ship in your first week

Code doesn’t languish idly for long. We expect engineers to ship code to production in their first week, and more frequently after that.

Use Intercom to build Intercom

Our engineers use Intercom daily to talk to customers and discover creative, innovative ways to improve the product for different jobs. Empathy is at the heart of a lot of our best work.

Solve from first principles

At Intercom, we're creating something new, and encountering many hard and unique engineering problems along the way. You'll solve them with the support of fantastic people who'll help you do your best work.

Work with product and design

The work of our engineers start at the design and logic phase, participating in strategy alongside product managers and designers. Creativity will take you far.

What makes us unique


No matter what your background, an engineering career at Intercom is a place for ambitious people to grow and succeed in their desired paths. There is genuinely no correlation between experience level and how far you can go.


You’ll work alongside thoughtful, intelligent people, period. Some are veterans from Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Others are top fresh graduates in their fields. No matter what your background, we share the same drive and values.


Getting in early means making a bigger impact and reaping greater rewards. We offer equity to every engineer, which incentivizes everyone to care deeply about building the very best product possible.

Current openings

We solve for millions

When you’re creating a product that reaches millions of people every day, the less software you have to run, the better. Click on the video above to hear how one of our engineering teams thought through the tough decisions of buying versus building a piece of infrastructure, and ended up creating something new.

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Team values

It’s all about product

No matter what team you’re on, no matter what your background, our shared goal is to build a great product and experience for our customers.

Be deliberate

Our time is finite but our work is not. We are deliberate with how we spend our time and make decisions, which means optimizing holistically for the long term.

Think big and horizontally

We aren’t constrained by imaginary leashes.We all have the ability to contribute, improve, and have impact beyond our current teams.

Fight against complexity

Know when going slow now means going further and faster later. The simpler the code, and the less of it we have, the easier it is to move fast or change direction.

Take ownership

As owners of Intercom, we should act accordingly: If something is broken, say something. If something can be better, fight to make it better.

Give back

It’s so important to us to give back to the engineering community as much as we take. We love hosting meetups in our office and blogging about how we work.

Ready to do the best work of your life?

All of our products are designed and built in Dublin, Ireland. Our Growth engineering team sits in San Francisco, focusing on new customer acquisition and monetization.