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Drive growth across the entire customer lifecycle

Increase conversions, prove product value and strengthen the customer relationship at every step.

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Better conversion rate when prospects chat on your website.

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Greater first-month customer retention than industry average.

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Higher open rate for in-app messages sent through Intercom.

“Intercom has played a critical role in growing our Paid Subscriptions business and allows us to create a more consistent and personal customer experience.”
Jesus Requena

Director, Paid Subscriptions

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Get customers over the line

You need people to take action at every stage of the customer journey. Intercom gives you powerful messaging channels to do exactly that.

Capitalize on the moment

Maximize marketing ROI by connecting with prospects when they’re on your site or show interest.

The perfect message every time

Drive higher engagement with personalized messages using live data, precise targeting and more.

Flexible to fit your needs

Use any or all of our live chat, integrations, email, apps and solutions.

For inbound marketing

Convert more website visitors

  • Instantly identify valuable visitors with up-to-date information matched to their IP address.
  • Accelerate the buyer journey with chatbots that qualify leads, suggest products and more.
  • Drive people toward purchase 24/7 with powerful apps that automate next steps.
  • Integrate with tools like Segment, Clearbit, HubSpot, MailChimp, Zapier and Marketo.
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For growth marketing

Automate onboarding and drive product adoption

  • Quickly turn new customers into promoters and power users with effective onboarding.
  • Create targeted activation campaigns to increase retention.
  • Announce new products, features and maximize adoption with messages delivered at the right time and place.
  • Send messages that show customers how to get the most out of your product.
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“Having conversations take place within the context of messaging allows us to quickly form personal relationships with our customers, prospects and the market at large.”
Winston Christie-Blick

Product Marketing Manager

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For lifecycle marketing

Grow customer loyalty and lifetime value

  • Automate targeted outreach for delightful customer experiences that increase lifetime value.
  • Engage customers at the ideal time for renewals, upsells and expansion.
  • Use A/B tests to measure and maximize message performance against control groups.
  • Get insights to optimize messages so every interaction moves the needle.
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