Why integrate with Stripe? 

Import your Stripe users and instantly create attributes from their Stripe data (like their price plan, monthly balance and more).

Important: You can also install the Stripe Subscriptions app to quickly upgrade or start new subscriptions.

Install Stripe

First, go your app store. Then, search for the Stripe app and click ‘Install now.'

Once you've signed into Stripe, intercom will immediately begin importing your Stripe customers and data. 


  • The Stripe app only works for when Stripe is in "Live Mode" and doesn't sync users when in "Test Mode."
  • We import records and after that use webhooks from Stripe to update Intercom data. 

Key features

Once your Stripe app is up and running, your Stripe customers and live sales data will be automatically imported into Intercom on an ongoing basis. Then you'll be able to filter, segment and send messages based off account balance, plan, monthly price, and more.

  • Match existing Intercom users with your Stripe users based on email. Note: you must be using Stripe’s email field to store email addresses.
  • Create new Intercom users for any new customers imported from Stripe.
  • Update your Intercom users list with live Stripe data.

Intercom attempts to get the following set of attributes from your Stripe customer base to store as custom data on your Intercom users.

  • Email
  • Stripe customer id (stripe_id) (e.g. cus_5Ix1PDRNOvlZeJ)
  • Account balance
  • Delinquency status (true/false)
  • Plan interval e.g. month
  • Plan price
  • Plan name
  • Subscription period start date
  • Subscription status
  • Card expiration date
  • Card brand
  • Charge failed 
  • Several events such as invoice created, created subscription, charged, charge refunded, deleted subscription are also sent to Intercom. 

Important: Attributes imported from Stripe are prefixed with 'STRIPE_' so you'll easily be able to identify them from other custom attributes

How to disable Stripe

Login to your Stripe dashboard. Select the 'Connect' option on the left nav.
Select 'Settings > Connected Applications' on the top nav,  then click the 'X' beside your Intercom app. 

Got questions?

If you have other products you would like to see integrated please send us a note at team@intercom.com.You can learn more about all existing Intercom apps and importers here.

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