Task Bots automate repetitive actions, so your team can focus on more valuable work. Here's what Task Bots can do: 

  • Show your team’s availability.

  • Identify anonymous leads / users and route them to the right team.

  • Qualify leads.

  • Suggest articles to users (and teammates).

  • Invite users to rate conversations.

  • and more.

Note: While some task bots work on the Intercom Platform, you’ll need specific Intercom products to access certain task bots. 

Task Bots have manners 😇

Task bots only get involved in conversations when they know they can help. These are designed to complement human conversations, not replace them. For example, task bots won’t interrupt when you’re talking to a user or keep asking questions to users who don’t engage. 

How Task Bots works with Articles 

When a users asks a question in the Messenger, the article suggestions Task Bot will suggest relevant articles to help answer it.

Note: You can access the article suggestions Task Bot if you have Articles, our knowledge base product

Article suggestions free up your support team to tackle more complex questions.  


  • You'll need to turn your Help Center on to use smart suggestions.

  • Smart suggestions won’t appear until you have 10+ live articles in your Help Center. 

  • The smart suggestions Task Bot will only suggests articles when a user’s question contains more than 5 words and less than 30 words (note: it excludes words like ‘the’ and ‘a’).

  • It won’t suggest articles to users who visited your Help Center in the past 15 minutes; as we presume they've already looked for the answer in the Help Center. 

When a user reads an article, the smart suggestions task bot will ask if they got what they needed, like this: 

If a user clicks ‘Yes’, it will automatically close the conversation, so it never reaches your open conversations list. 

Then, it lets users know that they can reach out for help in the future, like this: 

Note: Whenever a teammate replies to a conversation, it's automatically assigned to them; the article suggestions Task Bot will no longer contribute to the conversation.

Get feedback on articles 

When a user reacts negatively to an article, the article feedback Task Bot follows up by asking for feedback, so your team can resolve their issue. 

Note: This reply comes from the article feedback Task Bot, rather than a teammate. It can’t be customized. 

How Task Bots works with Inbox 

If you have Inbox - our help desk product - you’ll have access to the following Task Bots that will help accelerate your support: 

Show your team’s availability

The reply time Task Bot tells customers when your team is likely to reply. Your reply time appears when a lead or user asks a question. 

When a user or lead asks a question outside office hours, it lets people know when you’ll be back. 

Note: If you haven’t done so already, set your office hours and reply time now.

Ask for contact details

Operator's contact details Task Bot asks new leads for their email and /or SMS, so your team can  contact them if they leave the Messenger.

Qualify leads

The Qualify Leads Task Bot qualifies inbound leads for your sales team, by asking for up to four pieces of qualification data. You can also create separate qualification paths for different types of inbound leads.

Get feedback on conversations 

After you close a conversation with a customer, the conversation ratings Task Bot will ask that customer to rate their experience. This helps you measure your support performance.

Note: Conversation ratings are only available on certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here.

Stay updated on GitHub issues  

The GitHub updates Task Bot notifies you when a GitHub issue related to a conversation is opened, updated or resolved, so you can follow up with the customer. 

Important: To get GitHub updates in the Inbox product connect to the GitHub app

How Task Bots work with Messages and Inbox

When a new lead starts a conversation in the Messenger, the Conversation Routing Task Bot asks if they're new leads or customers, so it can route them to the right team.

If they answer 'Yes, I'm a customer', the Conversation Routing Task Bot will route them to a team of your choice. If they answer 'No, I'm not a customer yet, the Qualify Leads Task Bot will step in and qualify them by asking for up to four pieces of data.

The Qualify Leads Task Bot will then add their qualification data to their profile, so you can easily check this info when you're chatting to them in the inbox.

You can also use this to Task Bot to follow up with qualified leads by assigning them to a specific team, adding them to Salesforce, send a book a meeting and more.

Configure your Task Bots 

All of your Task Bots live in one place. To see all task bots, just visit your ‘Operator settings’, then select ‘Task Bots.’ 

From here, you can turn on or pause some Task Bots, like this: 

What’s next? 

There are a few things you should do to get the most from your task bots: 


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