To access Operator's bots, just click on the Operator icon in the left-hand menu:

With Operator, there are three types of bots you can access: 

  • Task Bots - speed up your workflows by automating simple tasks. (While some features are available with any plan, you’ll need specific products to access certain Task Bots).

  • Custom Bots - proactively engage visitors, qualify more leads, and upsell your users. (You can purchase Custom Bots as an add-on. It's free to trial for 14 days). 

  • Resolution Bot - provide customers with instant resolutions 24/7. (You can purchase Resolution Bot as an add-on. It's free to trial for 14 days).

Here’s how to access each bot: 

How can I access Task Bots?  

With any plan, you’ll have access to: 

  • Team availability - tells customers when you’ll reply or be back in the office.

  • Capture emails - asks leads for their email addresses, so you can follow up with them

With the Articles add on, you’ll have access to:

  • Smart suggestions - automatically answers questions people ask in the Messenger. 

  • Article feedback - asks customers for feedback when they react negatively to an article.  

The following skills are only available on certain Intercom plans:

  • Conversation routing -  Identify if new conversations are from leads or users, and route them to the right team. 

  • Qualify leads - asks leads for up to four qualification details, and automatically take follow-up actions, like assigning them to a team. 

  • Conversation ratings - asks customers for feedback on a conversation after you close it. 

  • GitHub updates - stay up-to-date on GitHub issues. 

  • Smart inbox suggestions - suggests articles to teammates in the inbox during conversations. 

  • Qualify leads - automatically qualifies your new leads (including leads who reply to visitor auto messages). 

  • Follow up - Operator follows up with your qualified leads by adding them to a nurture campaign by tagging them, assigning to specific teams round robin style, adding them to Salesforce and more. 

See Intercom's plans and pricing here.

How can I access Custom Bots?

With Custom Bots, you can proactively engage visitors and users, qualify more leads, provide different paths to success for different kinds of people, and grow your business faster. Here's how to access Custom bots:

  • If you have any paid Intercom plan, you can purchase Custom bots as an add-on. 

  • If you’d like to try it for free for 14 days, just add it it to your subscription.

How can I access Resolution Bot?

Resolution Bot allows you to automatically provide instant resolutions 24/7, so you can reduce conversation volume, and let your team focus on conversations only humans can resolve. It identifies your customers' most common questions, so you can create an answer for it to provide every time that question is asked in future.

Here's how to access it:

  • If you have a paid Intercom plan, you can purchase Resolution Bot as an add-on. 

  • To try it for free for 14 days, just add it to your subscription.

You don't need other products to access Resolution Bot. However, to benefit from its full capabilities, you'll need:

  • Intercom Inbox (so you can use follow-up actions like assigning replies to a team).

  • Over 2,000 past conversations (so Resolution Bot can analyze your past conversations and suggest questions to create answers for).

You can read more about how Resolution Bot works here.

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