Smart suggestions allow your team to spend less time on questions that are answered in your Help Center, and more time on conversations better handled by people.

Note: Smart suggestions are available with Articles.

How smart suggestions work

First, if a user asks a question in the Messenger, Operator will set your user’s expectations by telling them how long it usually takes your team to respond. 

Operator will instantly check if the user has visited your Help Center in the previous 15 minutes. If they haven’t, Operator will suggest relevant articles from your Help Center to the user.

For example, If a user asks ‘How do I add a teammate?’, Operator will recognize that the question is relevant to the ‘how to add a teammate’ article or similar articles in the Help Center. Operator will then suggest those articles to your user.

If the user clicks on an article, Operator will ask them if they got what they needed.

If a user clicks ‘Yes’, Operator will automatically close the conversation, so it never reaches your inbox. 

If they say ‘No’, Operator will let them know your team’s usual reply time and ask them to stay on the line to get more help.

Turn smart suggestions on and off 

You can turn smart suggestions on or off in your Operator settings.

When do smart suggestions appear?

Operator only suggests articles at the right time, when it knows it can help. Here are some things to note about when Operator will start suggesting articles:

  • Smart suggestions won’t appear until you have 10 or more live articles in your Help Center, and your Help Center is set to 'on'.
  • Articles need to be sorted into collections before they'll be suggested.
  • Operator only suggests articles if a user’s question contains more than 2 words and less than 30 words (note: it doesn’t count words like ‘the’, ‘a’ and ‘is’). 
  • The user's question must contain a question mark (?) or one of the keywords: what, when, why, how, or which.
  • Operator won’t suggest articles to users who have visited your Help Center in the previous 15 mins.
  • Operator only suggests articles to (logged-in) users, and not (logged-out) leads.
  • Your Help Center language must be set to English, and the user’s question must be asked in English.

Learn more about when Operator sends a message.

Keep improving smart suggestions

Operator keeps learning about your users’ questions as you add more articles to the Help Center. Writing relevant articles will ensure that smart suggestions answer more of your users’ questions over time.

Note: If you have the Inbox product, Operator will improve its suggestions over time by learning which articles your team adds to conversations to answer your users’ questions.

Here are some tips for improving your smart suggestions over time:


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