Yes, you can delete a reply you’ve sent to a user in error. For example, if you include sensitive information in a reply, you can delete it so the user will no longer see it. 

You can also delete replies your user has sent to you.

Note: Replies sent by email can’t be deleted from your user’s email client. If your user doesn’t see your reply in the Messenger within two minutes, an email notification with the conversation will be sent to the user - which you also can’t delete.

To delete a reply in the inbox, click the ‘actions icon’ next to the message. Then select ‘Delete’.

You’ll be asked to confirm your choice. This helps ensure you don’t delete a message by accident.

Note: You can't retrieve any messages you delete.

Your user will now no longer see the message. Here’s how it will appear to them in the Messenger:

Here’s how the deleted message will appear to you in the inbox:

Note: The ability to delete replies is available to teammates with full permissions.

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