It’s easy to share new leads evenly among your sales team, or share conversations evenly among your support team. You can assign conversations with leads ‘round robin’ style, so they’re assigned on a rotating basis to available teammates. 

Note: Round robin assigns conversations in a circular manner and in alphabetical order to available teammates. 

You can use round robin in three ways: 

Opt out of round robin

Teammates can temporarily remove themselves from the round robin by turning on ’away mode’. If a teammate comes back from ‘away mode’ or newly adds themselves to the rotation, they’ll have to wait until their turn comes around in the round robin queue before they receive a new conversation. 

Assign new conversations by round robin

If you want to evenly share leads who proactively contact you, you can assign new inbound conversations to your team inbox with round robin enabled.

Simply create an assignment rule, choose a team and select ‘by round robin’:

Assign replies to auto messages by round robin 

When you’re creating an auto message - for a user or visitor - you can assign their replies to a team inbox with round robin enabled, for example your sales team.

Simply, choose a team inbox you’d like replies to your auto message to go to: 

Ensure you have turned on round robin for this inbox.

Automatically assign qualified leads by round robin

Operator, our bot that automates the simple tasks, automatically qualifies your leads. You can create a rule to automatically share these qualified leads to a team inbox with round robin enabled.
First, set up your qualification data in ‘Qualify leads’ in your Operator settings:

Then create a follow up rule and select ‘Assign to’ to choose a team:

Simply choose a team where round robin has been enabled.

Turn on ‘away’ mode to opt out

If a teammate is out of office or on holiday, they should temporarily remove themselves from round robin assignment by turning on ‘away mode’:

You can also turn on ‘away mode’ for your teammates in teammate settings if they forget to turn it on while they’re out of office:

This will remove them from all round robin assignments, ensuring that your leads route only to available teammates who can answer them quickly. 

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