Evenly distributing leads is important for your sales team, so they have a fair share of opportunities. It’s easy to assign conversations round robin style in the team Inbox. 

Note: If you turn on round robin for a team inbox, it will assign them in a circular manner and in alphabetical order to available teammates. 

Opt out of round robin

Teammates can temporarily remove themselves from the round robin by turning on ’away mode’. If a teammate comes back from ‘away mode’ or newly adds themselves to the rotation, they’ll have to wait until their turn comes around in the round robin queue before they receive a new conversation. Also, if a teammate is inactive for over 5 minutes, they'll be automatically opted out of round robin until they become active again.

Note: Round robin assignment is only available on certain Intercom plans. You can also assign automatically qualified leads and replies to auto messages round robin style.

Assign new inbound conversations 

To set up round robin assignment in the inbox, go to ‘Rules.’

Next, click ‘New Rule’. 

Then, name your rule.

Pro tip: Give your rule a clear, easy-to-understand name. This will help you distinguish your rules from each other as you create more of them. 

Next, you can choose any attribute, such as your lead’s website activity, company size, referral URL and more. You could set up a rule for all conversations on your homepage that mention ‘pricing’, for example.

Note: You can add as many attributes as you like to make your assignment as targeted as possible. 

Then, assign your message to a specific team inbox with round robin.

Now, new conversations that trigger this rule will be automatically shared evenly among your team on a rotating basis.

Your teammates will see which assignment rule routed the conversation to them in the inbox, so they have more context on where the lead came from.

Turn on ‘away mode’ to opt out 

If a teammate is out of office or on holiday, they should temporarily remove themselves from the round robin by turning on ‘away mode’:

You can also turn on ‘away mode’ for your teammates in teammate settings if they forget to turn it on while they’re out of office:

This will remove them from all round robin assignments, ensuring that new conversations route only to available teammates who can answer them quickly. 

Important: Round robin will only assign new inbound conversations. It will not assign conversations that have been reassigned from another inbox by a rule, manual assignment, or away mode.

Prioritize the most important rules first

Your leads and users may trigger more than one of your assignment rules. You can list your rules in order of priority so you can give your most important rules greater weight than others.

The higher your rule is on the list, the greater priority we give it. Simply drag the rule by the dotted square icon to move it up or down your list:

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