Evenly distributing leads is important for your sales team, so they have a fair share of opportunities. You can assign your leads’ replies round robin style so that your available teammates receive them evenly. 

Note: If you turn on round robin for replies to your ongoing messages, it will assign them in a circular manner and in alphabetical order to available teammates. 

Opt out of round robin

Teammates can temporarily remove themselves from the round robin by turning on ’away mode’. If a teammate comes back from ‘away mode’ or newly adds themselves to the rotation, they’ll have to wait until their turn comes around in the round robin queue before they receive a new reply. 

Note: You can also assign new inbound conversations and leads qualified by Operator round robin style.

Assign replies to ongoing messages

When you’re creating an ongoing message, you can assign their replies to a team, for example your sales team:

You can set that inbox to distribute conversations by round robin to teammates.

Pro tip: You should assign replies to messages on your key purchasing web pages to your sales team round robin style. For example, if you set up a message to appear on your pricing page, you should assign replies for this to your sales team. Use macros to respond quickly and increase your chances of having a conversation with your lead and converting them.

Turn on ‘away mode’ to opt out 

If a teammate is out of office or on holiday, they can temporarily remove themselves from the round robin by turning on ‘away mode’:

You can also turn on ‘away mode’ for your teammates in teammate settings if they forget to turn it on while they’re out of office:

This will remove them from all round robin assignments, ensuring that your leads’ replies route only to available teammates who can answer them quickly. 

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