When you used Drift, you had to go through a time-consuming configuration process to set up ‘LeadBot’ to qualify your leads. You had to ‘build’ the bot for your ‘playbook’ messages and feed it a list of keywords just to make it respond accurately. You also had to write follow-up responses and sign-offs just to qualify your leads.

With our bot, Operator, you don’t need to do any of this. You can start automatically qualifying your leads in three short steps:

  1. Go to ‘Contact and qualify’ in your Operator settings

  2. Choose 'Contact and qualify', and select your qualification data (this is a lot simpler than scripting questions in Drift) and follow up actions rules (these were your ‘routing rules’ in Drift)

  3. Turn on the qualification skill and start automatically qualifying your leads 

Capture new leads

When a visitor chats to you in the Messenger, they become a lead. Operator then asks for their email address or phone number:

When your visitor leaves their details, Operator adds it their profile in Intercom, and then starts to qualify them.

How to automatically qualify your leads

You can choose up to three pieces of qualification data for Operator to collect. 

Instead of spending time scripting questions, like with Drift, just select the details you need to qualify your leads with a few clicks. Go to ‘Contact and qualify’ in your Operator settings and choose your qualification data

You have two options here. You can: 

  • Choose from the default data we’ve set up for you, or 

  • Add your own custom data. Click on ‘Manage your qualification data’ to add a new attribute.

Note: You can qualify your leads using any data you have in Intercom. Just click ‘Add data’ to choose from your existing data. 

Create new qualification data

You can also create new qualification attributes to capture any extra details that are important to your team. Just click ‘Create new data’:

Next, choose if your new data applies to people or companies, name your data, select its format, and give it an optional description. You can format your data as text, number, decimal number, true or false, date or list:

Once you’ve finished setting up your qualification data, you’re ready to choose follow-up actions for your qualified leads.

Set up follow-up actions for your qualified leads 

You can create follow-up rules to assign your leads to a specific team or teammate, add a tag, or create a new lead in Salesforce. You can create a series of rules, and trigger them based on a lead’s response.

For example, if you’re qualifying your leads based on revenue, you can automatically assign leads whose company size is greater than 500 people to your VIP sales team. If you want to assign your qualified leads to a team evenly, you can assign them round robin style:

That’s it. Operator will now start automatically qualifying your leads. You don’t need to set up extra things like keywords, questions or a sign-off.  

Now your leads can easily add their qualification details in the Messenger:

Then Operator will add their qualification data to their profiles in your team inbox

Note: Operator only asks your leads for their qualification data once. If your leads don't give you their data, Operator won't ask them for it again.

Qualify visitors who reply to your auto messages

Operator can automatically follow up with and qualify visitors who reply to your visitor auto messages

Here’s how. First, choose ‘text’ as your response type:

Then, turn on ‘Qualify with Operator’ in the ‘Follow up’ step:

And that’s it :) 

Operator will now qualify visitors who reply to your auto message.

Important: Make sure 'Contact and qualify' is turned on in your Operator settings

How Operator helps

Capturing and qualifying leads are just some of Operator’s skills. Here are more ways Operator helps you provide a better experience for your customers:

What’s next?

Here are more ways to convert more leads with Intercom:

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