It takes a lot more than booking a meeting to convert your leads into paying customers. With Messages, you can nurture leads from the moment they visit your website to when they become long-term, loyal customers.

When you used Drift, you probably used ‘playbooks’ to send messages to your leads. These were limited to one auto message per playbook, and they didn’t allow you to create a sequence of intelligent nurture messages.

It’s quick and easy to set up powerful automated messages and lead nurture campaigns in Intercom:

Convert visitors into leads with targeted messages

It only takes a few minutes to set up and send targeted ongoing messages that convert your visitors to leads. You can target your visitors based on their browser language, number of page views, time on page, number of visits, country, city and referral URL. 

If you’ve set up our Clearbit Reveal integration, you can use its company data to get even more targeted with the visitors you reach. For example, you can target visitors based on their employee count, industry and more.

Note: You can also nurture your users and leads with ongoing messages and one-off messages

Automatically qualify your leads

To save your sales team time, quickly set up our bot, Operator, to automatically follow up with and qualify your leads.

Optimize your auto messages with A/B tests

Unlike with Drift, in Intercom you can continually A/B test your visitor auto messages, so you can fine tune them to be as effective as possible.

Trigger your messages at the right times 

You couldn’t control what times your messages sent in Drift. This meant your leads could have waited too long for a response and left.

With Intercom, you can set trigger times for your messages to avoid missing out on important replies from leads and users. For example, you might only want to send messages to visitors when your sales team is available to respond. It’s easy to set each message to send during your office hours, or set up a custom time:

Note: Trigger times are only available with certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here.

Attract more replies to in-app messages

It’s easy to engage your leads with three different types of in-app messages: notes, posts and chats. Each of these message types have been designed with different jobs in mind - so you can maximize engagement with your leads in every scenario.

Intelligently nurture your leads with Smart Campaigns

In Intercom, you can nurture your leads and trial users with an intelligent series of auto messages, using our powerful Smart Campaigns

Each message in the campaign should drive people toward a common goal. For example, you could create a campaign to convert your free users to Pro plan users, or to encourage inactive users to log into your product again.

Just set a campaign goal and define how you’d like your leads or users to enter and exit the campaign: 

Leads or users will then enter your campaign once they trigger your rule to enter it. 

Then, create a series of messages you’d like to send to your leads or users. 

You can apply rules to each message to ensure you’re targeting the right people at the right time, just like you would with any auto message. Each message will send to your users as they match the rules you set. 

Lastly, your users and leads will exit your campaign once they’ve hit your goal, or after they’ve received all messages in your Smart Campaign.

Note: You should send a mix of in-app messages and emails to engage your users and leads in the right way at the right time.

What’s next?

Here are more ways you can benefit from switching from Drift to Intercom:

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