Yes, it’s easy to capture marketing qualified leads (MQLs) with Intercom. Here’s how: 

Capture MQLs from targeted messages to visitors

You can capture MQLs from ongoing messages you send to visitors. Just select ‘email collector’ as your response type. 

Pro tip: To incentivize visitors to give their email, offer them something valuable in return. For example, a link to a webinar you’re hosting or other exclusive content, like an ebook. 

Note: The email collector is only available for ‘chat’ style messages, sent as ‘Show the full message.’

Automatically tag your MQLs and add them to lead nurturing campaigns 

When someone enters their email address, you can add a follow-up action to automatically tag the lead. Then, once they’re tagged you can nurture them by adding them to a lead nurture campaign

Automatically send your MQLs to Salesforce 

You can also add a follow-up action to automatically send the lead to Salesforce, so your sales team can follow up with them. 

See how many MQLs each message captures

Once you send a message, you can view your stats to see how many MQLs it collected. 

What’s next?

Once you start capturing marketing qualified leads, your sales team can step in to qualify promising prospects, and convert them to paying customers. 

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