Qualification data is a special set of attributes you can update in your lead and user qualification profiles as you qualify them. 

You can choose which data appears in your lead and user qualification profiles. Just visit your qualification data settings in Intercom and select ‘Add data’:

There are 2 ways you can add data from here. You can: 

Note: You can also ‘Add’ or ‘Remove’ any data you like, and this will change the qualification data that appears in your lead and user profiles. 

How do I qualify my customers using this data? 

There are two ways you can qualify your customers in Intercom. You can:

Note: It’s also possible to update lead qualification data via a ping (just like you would with your custom attributes). And, you can update it via a CSV import or through the REST API. 

What’s next?

Check out our best practices on how to choose the right qualification data for your business

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