If you were using Drift’s integration with Salesforce, you could send your leads and conversations to Salesforce. 

You can do the same, and even more, with our two-way Salesforce integration:

  • Automatically send qualified leads to Salesforce and keep your data in sync. 
  • Create and send leads from Intercom to Salesforce manually with a single click.
  • Automatically assign Salesforce leads to the right owners in Intercom.
  • Add your leads to nurture campaigns automatically based on their Salesforce status.
  • Assign your leads’ conversations in Intercom to their Salesforce profiles.
  • Answer your leads in a more personal way by viewing their Salesforce profile in Intercom.

How to integrate with Salesforce

It’s easy to integrate your Salesforce account with Intercom. Simply go to Integrations and select ‘Integrate’ beside Salesforce. 

This will bring you to the Salesforce login page. Login to your Salesforce account to finish integrating it with Intercom.

Note: Before you integrate Salesforce with Intercom, disconnect your Drift account. This will ensure your Salesforce data stays synced with Intercom.

Once you complete the integration, we’ll automatically link any Intercom lead or user that matches with a lead or contact profile in Salesforce. Then, we’ll enrich these leads and users with Salesforce data in Intercom.

Important: It may take some time to import all of your Salesforce data to Intercom. You’ll get an email when the integration is complete. 

Send leads from Intercom to Salesforce

You can send your leads from Intercom to Salesforce in two ways - automatically or manually: 

Automatically send leads to Salesforce

You can use Operator to automatically qualify your leads and send them to Salesforce. After you’ve chosen the data you’d like Operator to collect in the Qualification section of your Operator settings, just add a follow up rule: 

  • First, click ‘Add data’ and choose which leads you’d like to send to Salesforce (for example, leads who work at companies with over 500 employees). 
  • Then, select ‘Create new lead in Salesforce.’ 

Note: You can get as targeted as you like with the leads you send to Salesforce by creating multiple follow-up rules.

Send leads to Salesforce in a single click

You can create a Salesforce lead from Intercom with a single click. This will add all of your lead’s qualification data to Salesforce, and link back to their Intercom profile.

To send a lead to Salesforce, go to ‘External profiles’ in your lead’s profile and click ‘Create Lead’: 

View a Salesforce lead in Intercom 

You can quickly see your leads’ Salesforce status and lead owner by viewing their Salesforce profile in Intercom.

Simply visit a Salesforce lead or users’ profile in Intercom and hover over their Salesforce link to see their details. 

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