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Use Clearbit Reveal data to identify, target and route website visitors.

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You can use Clearbit Reveal data to convert more leads by sending them highly targeted messages. You can also use it to only show the Messenger to certain visitors, for example, visitors from the retail industry.

Once you connect your Clearbit Reveal account with Intercom you can target your website visitors in powerful ways. You can use Clearbit data to:

  • You require a separate Clearbit subscription to use Clearbit features and services, see plans and pricing here.

  • You can only use Clearbit Reveal data with the standard Messenger launcher.

  • We will only enrich visitor/lead data on their first visit. We won't update their Clearbit data on future visits.

Here’s just some of Clearbit Reveal’s company data you can use to target visitors:

  • Employee count

  • Industry information

  • Annual revenue (public companies only)

  • Market cap (public companies only)

  • Alexa global website rank 

  • Funding raised

  • Company type (education, government, private etc.) 

  • Technology tools they’re using 

  • Twitter followers (company)

  • Facebook Likes (company)

Intercom will use Clearbit data as soon as someone visits your website, so you can target them with an Proactive Support message immediately.

Clearbit Reveal uses IP addresses to provide company data for visitors to your website. Integrating your Clearbit Reveal account with Intercom uses up some of your Clearbit API rate limit.

Integrate Clearbit Reveal with Intercom

First, visit the App store and select Install now on the Clearbit Reveal app. 

Then, log into your Clearbit Reveal account and authorize access to finish integrating it with Intercom. 

Now you’ll be able to use your Clearbit Reveal data with Intercom.

Send targeted messages to convert more visitors into leads

It’s easy to send your Proactive Support messages to your target customers using powerful Clearbit data. If your targeted customers are startups, for example, you can trigger a message to send based on how much funding they’ve raised, their Alexa rank, their industry and employee count. 

When creating a visitor message, just choose Clearbit data when defining your audience rules:

If you’re a web analytics company, for example, you could target visitors in the software industry who use your competitor’s tool: 

You can target different types of companies of any size across any industry using Clearbit data with Intercom. You can also use Clearbit data in your message content to send your visitors highly personalized messages:

Only show the Messenger launcher to high value prospects

If you’d only like to interact with high-value visitors in the Messenger, you could set it to appear for high value prospects whose companies have over $50 million in revenue and over 100 employees, for example.

Under Control inbound volume in your Messenger settings make sure you’ve opted to let visitors start a conversation with you:

Then, select + Add display conditions and add the Clearbit data you’d like to use:

Now the Send us a message button will only appear to visitors who match this data.

Assign leads based on their Clearbit data

You can use Clearbit data to assign your leads and users to the right team or teammate. Just choose a piece of Clearbit data when setting up your rule:

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