There are three ways to update your lead’s qualification data in Intercom. You can: 

What happens when multiple data points are competing? 

Manually edited data is the primary data source

Manually edited data is never overwritten by ping or Operator-collected data. 

To clear qualification data you’ve manually added, just hover over this qualification data and select the resync option. This will allow you to start automatically collecting data again. 

Note: If you do a CSV import or update a user via the REST API this will over-ride manually edited data. 

Ping data is the secondary data source

Ping data is never overwritten by Operator-collected data. 

Operator data is considered tertiary 

Operator-collected data is only added to a lead’s profile when the data attribute is empty. 

If qualification data has been collected by Operator, you’ll see the logo next to the attribute. 

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