Whenever you qualify leads with Operator, capture leads with custom bots, or collect email addresses from an ongoing message, you can create follow up rules to take specific actions based on this data. 

Note: This feature is only available on certain Intercom plans, see our plans and pricing here.

Here’s how:

Set up follow up rules for qualified leads

It’s easy to automatically follow up with the leads Operator qualifies. You can follow up in many ways:

Just go to ‘Follow up’ in the 'qualification' section of your Operator settings, then set up one or more follow up rules for the leads Operator qualifies:

Next, create a rule to take a specific action based on your leads’ answers.

Take multiple actions with a single rule

If you want to take multiple actions from one conversation, you should set up your actions in a single rule. For example, when Operator qualifies a lead, you could tag the lead, assign the conversation and create a lead in Salesforce - all from one rule:

Create different rules for different leads

You can easily set up more rules if you’d like to take different actions with your leads, based on the answers they’ve given Operator.

For example, if you wanted to follow up with qualified leads based on their company size, you could set up two rules to: 

  • Assign leads from companies with more than 50 employees to your VIP sales team and add a ‘VIP’ tag.

  • Assign leads from companies with fewer than 50 employees to your sales team and an ‘SMB’ tag.

Now, different actions will apply to leads with different company sizes to suit how your sales teams work.

Important: To give priority to one rule over another, simply create it as your first rule in the list. You can’t reorder your rules after they’ve been created. Also, if a lead triggers one rule, they won’t trigger any of the subsequent rules.

Create follow up rules for your visitors’ replies

You can automatically follow up with visitors who fill in their email address after receiving your ongoing messages

You can follow up with three actions: send a follow up reply, tag the lead, and/or create them as a lead in Salesforce. 

Note: If you choose a team as your 'from' address, you won't be able to send a follow up reply.

First, choose ‘email collector’ as your reply type:

Next, go to the ‘Follow up’ step and choose the actions you’d like to take when the email is collected. You can add just one action, or combine them.

Now, these actions will apply to any visitors who fill in the email address field in this message.

Note: The email collector is only available for 'Chat' messages. This is not supported on mobile.

Automatically qualify leads who reply to messages

You can also let Operator automatically qualify leads who reply to your ongoing messages with text. 

First, choose ‘text’ as your reply type:

Then, click '+ Add follow up action' and choose Operator’s qualification skill:

Now Operator will automatically qualify leads who reply to this message. It will use the same follow up rules you’ve already set up for Operator.

Note: Operator’s 'Qualify Leads' task bot will follow up with your lead.


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