Convincing new customers to buy from your store isn’t easy. Getting them to return is even harder. But if they do make a second purchase, they’re much more likely to become a long-term customer.

So we’ve created this Smart Campaign to help you convert website visitors into leads, and easily them to buy from you -  not once - but twice.

1. Track the right data

First, you’ll need to track your leads’ actions to make your campaign as effective as possible. 

You can easily track your leads’ behaviour, webpages visited and more, using the Intercom Platform.

You’ll also need to set up custom data to target your leads’ buying behaviours. You should track eCommerce-specific data such as number of transactions made. Check out how to set up custom data attributes here.

Once you’re tracking this data, you can set number of transactions as the goal of your campaign, and trigger messages based on your leads’ buying activity.

2. Capture your visitors’ email addresses

To convert website visitors into leads and add them to your Smart Campaign, you’ll need to capture their email addresses. To do this, just create a visitor auto message and set the ‘email collector’ option as the reply type.

Once you start capturing email addresses, you’ll be able to add leads to your Smart Campaign automatically by tagging them in your visitor auto message. Check out how to set up the email collector here.

3. Set up your Smart Campaign

First, set your campaign’s goal. For this campaign, we’ve set the goal to be ‘total transactions is more than 1’, as we want new leads to purchase twice from your store. 

Next, you should set your campaign’s entry rules, which define how leads enter your campaign. We recommend: 

  • Web sessions’ is greater than 1 - Target leads who show genuine interest in your store.

  • ‘Total transactions’ is 0 - Only target leads who haven’t bought from you yet.

  • ‘Item viewed’ has any value - Target leads who have viewed your products.

Next, you’ll need to set up your exit rules. By default, leads will exit your campaign if they’ve reached your goal, received all of your messages, if they become a user (if you offer accounts), or if they’ve received no messages for 30 days. You can easily add more rules if you need to. 

Finally, to avoid sending too many messages in a short time, we recommend that you space your messages by at least two days apart.

4. Create your nurture messages

Now it's time to create your campaign’s messages. When targeting leads, you can only choose ‘email’ as the message type. 

Note: Email is the only option for leads, as they aren’t guaranteed to return to your site and see in-app messages. If you want to use in-app messages in Smart Campaigns, you’ll need to convert your leads to users (account holders). 

For this example, we’re going to use an online shoe store called The Right Size. But bear in mind - you can apply the logic behind these messages to any eCommerce business selling goods online.

Here's a sequence of five nurture messages, including rules that ensure leads only receive your messages at the right time. Simply set the rules, copy the messages into your message composer, and put them live. 

Message 1 - Encourage your new leads with benefits and latest offers

Rules: New lead, purchase is 0, on specific product category page for 10+ seconds

When new leads enter your campaign, you should welcome them to your store, and tell them why it’s unique. Then, gently push them towards products that match the product category they’ve visited on your site:

Hi [firstname],

Welcome to The Right Size, where we make sure every shoe you buy is the perfect fit.

We care so much about providing your feet with unmatched comfort, that we’ll let you return your shoes up to 8 weeks after buying them if you find they’re not right for you. We’ll give you all your money back - provided they don’t look like you’ve worn them for 8 weeks :D

Now, to the shoes - we’ve got some hot deals on these loafers you might like:

[Insert clickable images of your products]

Let me know if you need any help :)


Message 2 - If they haven’t purchased, send them a mini-offer

Rules: Total transactions is 0, received Message 1, website visits greater than 2

You’ve let your new leads know about your latest offers, but they still haven’t bitten. Now it’s time to entice them with a special offer:


We’ve got a deal just for you (and maybe a couple of others ;) ). If you buy any pair of shoes worth over $50, we’ll give you a set of premium cleaning set for free! Why? Because comfy shoes are even better when they’re spotless :)

Just add WOOFREESTUFF as a discount code to get your deal.


Message 3: If they purchased once, send them complementary products

Rules: Total transactions is 1, received Message 1

Success! A new lead has bought from your store. Now it’s time to make the most of their engagement with your site. Share a seasonal catalog of products with them to keep them interested in what you have to offer:

Hey [firstname],

We’re happy you’ve chosen to buy your shoes from The Right Size. If there’s anything we can do to help you, just let me know :)

While I’ve got you, we recently launched a new winter catalogue we think you’d be interested in. Check it out.



Message 4: If they still haven’t purchased, highlight your products’ benefits

Rules: Total transactions is 0, received Message 2, web sessions is greater than 2.

You still want to target the leads who haven’t bought from you after receiving your first two messages. If they’re not buying your products, send them a piece of content that the benefits of your products, like a blog post, whitepaper or infographic:

Hey [firstname],

Did you know that poor fitting shoes lead contribute to 30% of posture problems?

We’ve made it our mission to prevent this happening to you - read about our initiative

It’s just one of the reasons our customers choose us over the competition. If you’d like to know more, I’m here to chat :)



Message 5: Feedback… and a final discount offer 

Rules: Total transactions is 1 or 0, they’ve received Message 1.

This final message in your campaign targets anyone who hasn’t bought twice from your store. Thank them for their interest, ask for feedback and offer them a last-chance discount.


Are we the right fit for you? I’d love to know how your experience was with our store - you can tell me just by replying to this message :)

Also, as a token of appreciation, I thought I’d share a gift with you to say thanks for your interest in what we do.

Here you go: 30% off your next pair of shoes with us :)

Just click on the link, add any of our products to your cart and check out- we’ll automatically apply the discount to your order.



Once you’ve created these messages, set your campaign live to start automatically nurturing your new leads. Here’s what your campaign will look like before you set it live:

More tips

Here are more ideas we recommend you implement to help grow your sales: 

  • If customers can create accounts with your store, set up a campaign to encourage them to set one up with you. If they do, you’ll be able to convert them to a user, and send them in-app user auto messages.

  • If you’d like to increase your customer retention, we recommend you set up a Smart Campaign to offer them personalized deals on a periodical basis.

  • If you’d like to know more about your leads before you nurture them, ask them for more details automatically with Operator

  • Reduce your cart abandonment rate by targeting those customers with nurture messages and encourage them to return to complete their order.

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