When an anonymous lead starts a new conversation with you, they could be a brand new lead or a logged-out customer. With Operator’s conversation routing skill, you can automatically identify and separate leads from customers, so new conversations always go to the right team or teammate.

Note: Conversation routing is only available on certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here

Here’s how it works:

How to set up conversation routing

First, go to "Task bots for leads" under Operator settings and select "Route existing customers to support":

Then, choose the team or teammate you’d like to assign conversations from current customers to:

Or, if you’d like to redirect your customers to another channel, Operator can ask them to contact an email address, visit a website, or call a phone number:

When you turn conversation routing on, Operator will ask anonymous leads if they’re customers:

If they answer ‘No, I’m not a customer yet’, Operator will qualify them (if you have qualification enabled), and take any follow up actions you've set up (like assigning them to your sales team). 

Note: Operator will also complete any follow-up actions you set up in its ‘Qualify leads skill, like tagging them or adding them to Salesforce.

If they answer ‘Yes, I’m a customer’, Operator will ask for their contact details and route them to a team or teammate you choose (like your support team):

Or, if you’ve chosen to redirect customers to another channel, Operator will let them know where they can get more support:

Important: Operator’s conversation routing skill only works for inbound conversations - it won’t trigger for ongoing messages. If you want to qualify leads with Operator, make sure you configure and turn its qualification skill. Operator's conversation routing skill currently works in English only.

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